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Hi, My name is Kevin (learn more about me here) and welcome to this site.

As Editor and Reporter for, I've researched the health benefits of natural oils and tried to present you the most accurate and current information for enhancing your health with these products.

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Oil of Oregano Forum – Q & A

oil of oreganoWelcome to my Oil of Oregano Forum!

Oil of Oregano has a number of health benefits due to its unique combination of ingredients.  It can be used as a natural antibacterial and anti-viral treatment for many conditions.  Not only that, oregano oil also has anti-histamine properties and helps fight free radical damage.

Since creating this site, I’ve received plenty of questions and comments from visitors about oregano oil.  So I thought I would share some of them with you on this Oil of Oregano Forum Question and Answers section.

If you’ve used Oil of Oregano and want to share how it’s helped you, this is the place to offer your tips and give your comments.

Please enter your comments below and I’ll do my best to answer your as soon as possible.

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Does Oil of Oregano Raise Blood Pressure?
I am not a scientist, and I am new to using herbal remedies, but I have high blood pressure that is currently controlled with medication. I started taking Oil of Oregano a week ago, and my first dosage sent my BP….

Oregano oil as a prostate Cancer killer
Someone sent me a link today regarding recent research into oregano oil and prostate cancer cells . I’m currently treating my prostate cancer with….

Is Metallic Taste in Mouth an Oil of Oregano Side Effect?
After using Oil of Oregano for about 4 days I developed a metallic taste in my mouth. Do you have any experience with this?

Using Oil of Oregano for Food Allergies
My husband has food allergies. Can I use Oil of Oregano for allergies?

Oil of Oregano on Cold Sores
I have tried and used everything for my cold sores. All of the top name brands and an antibiotic. Nothing works. I still have the cold sore for about….

Oil of Oregano and Heart Health
I have angina, and had a stent put in one of my arteries, and I am on Plavix (blood thinner) and blood pressure medicines plus others. I took 5 drops….

Using Oil of Oregano for Scleroderma
I have scleroderma and have been told there is no cure but have read about people who have been cured with low dose antibiotics. This is great, except….

Oil of Oregano for Tooth Infections
I was told I needed a root canal and decided to try using Oil of Oregano to help fight any infection. I’ve been using 2 softgels of Solgar Wild Oregano….

Oil of Oregano for Bladder Infections
Can you use Oil of Oregano on bladder infections? What would be the recommended dosage of Oil of Oregano to treat bladder infections?

Oil of Oregano for Gastritis and Stomach Pain
I heard about Oil of Oregano from a friend and tried using it for an upset stomach. I have found it to be very effective and love it. Within 5 minutes….

Oil of Oregano as Insect Repellant and Bites
My favorite use of oil of oregano is a natural bug spray for my household plants. I add a few drops of oil of oregano to a spray bottle of plant water….

Oregano Oil and Pregnancy
I have read not to take oregano oil if pregnant, because it is known to increase blood in the uterus and weaken the lining. So what does oregano oil….

Oil of Oregano and Yeast Infections
I believe I have an overgrowth of Candida in my body. How long should I take Oil of Oregano? Is it alright to take it everyday or should I stop taking….

Using Oil of Oregano with Flax Seed Oil
Hello, I have been advised by someone to use dandelion and burdock root powder for my skin problems (inflammation, spongiotic dermatitis). After searching….

Oil of Oregano for Sinus Infections and Chest Colds
I have heard many times over the years about taking oil of oregano to clear up sinus infections. I get infections every year because of constant sinusitis….

Oil of Oregano and Pets
I have heard that the oil helps with skin rashes(itching spots) on Golden Retrievers. How do I administer the oil (exp. mix with what to spray as a topical)….

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