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9 Popular Coconut Oil Cures for Common Health Problems

coconut oil curesLooking for popular coconut oil cures? 

For hundreds of years, inhabitants of tropical countries have used the coconut and its oil for a variety of uses. I’ve used coconut oil for cooking, as a natural skin care product and for deep conditioning my hair. I’ve also added coconut oil to my pre-workout drinks as a source of energy.

You may have questions about coconut oil remedies and if this oil can help you treat or fend off certain health conditions.

It turns out that coconut oil is a natural source of special fatty acids called lauric acid and caprylic acid. Research shows these fatty acids can form the building blocks for powerful anti-microbials that may play a role in eradicating certain virus, bacteria and fungal infections.

Here are 9 ways you can use coconut oil to treat a variety of health conditions:

1. Use for Dry Skin:

Did you know one of most popular coconut oil cures is using it for dry, rough skin? A study from the Philippines looked at using coconut oil on dry skin.

The study compared coconut oil to mineral oil when used to treat patients with Xerosis (dry skin). Researchers found coconut oils were more effective at improving skin moisture and reducing skin dryness, roughness and scaling.

2. Treatment for Dry, Brittle Hair:

How would you like a natural treatment for dry, damaged hair?

Research from India looked at using coconut oil on dry hair and found unique fatty acids in coconut oil may help reduce protein loss resulting in thicker and healthier-looking hair.

Follow my easy-to-follow guide to using coconut oil for hair moisturizing and deep conditioning right here.  You’ll find testimonials from others who’ve tried this wonderful hair moisturizing treatment and you can also share your results with us.

3. Antiviral Treatment for Herpes and other Viral Conditions:

There are many internet sites claiming you can use coconut oil to cure herpes; but is this a natural remedy for this condition?

Researchers have learned coconut oil contains lauric acid, the building block for a powerful anti-microbial that can kill certain bacteria, virus and fungi. 

Learn more about The Antiviral Properties of Lauric Acid and Coconut Oil and see what the research reveals about this healthy oil.

4.  Treatment for Fibromylagia and Chronic Fatigue:

Many people claim that coconut oils can cure fibromyalgia. Although there are no documented medical studies on this particular subject, there are some doctors who recommend the use of coconut oil as part of a natural treatment plan.

You can read more about using coconut oil on fibromyalgia and learn how some people have experienced increased energy, reduced pain and loss weight.

5. Coconut Oil Cure for Thyroid Conditions:

If you suffer from thyroid problems, you may have encountered information on the internet claiming coconuts can be used for thyroid problems.

Dr. Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle, points to studies showing the fats found in coconut oil (medium chain fatty acids) can stimulate your metabolism, give you more energy, and promote weight loss.  Other doctors believe this is false information.

So what’s the verdict in this controversial subject? Get your questions answered on using coconut oil on thyroid disease right here.

6. Using Coconut Oil for Weight Loss:

Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides – special fats that are metabolized faster than the longer-chain saturated fats found in meat, butter and milk. 

Research has shown these medium chain triglycerides can boost your metabolism and may help increase weight loss. Adding 2 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oils to a healthy balanced diet, along with daily exercise, may be what you need to reach your weight loss goals.

7.  Treatment for Acne:

Curing acne can be a frustrating problem for many people. What works for some people may not work for others.

Research from popular acne forums and online bulletin boards found coconut oil offered the following results:

  • It’s a great skin moisturizer and helps soften and smooth facial skin.

  • Appeared to soften acne scars and cystic acne.

  • Some users found using too much can make your skin greasy.

  • May cause whiteheads to appear initially and then they go away. Some people believed this is due to coconut oil’s cleansing and re-balancing of the skin.

Learn more about using coconut oil and acne right here.

8.  Using Tropical Oils for Candida and Yeast Infections:

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, a fatty acid that forms the building blocks for a powerful anti-microbial called monolaurin.  Although there are no documented medical studies on the use of coconut oil on yeast infections, there are some studies showing lauric acid is effective against the Candida organism.

You can read more about using coconut oil on Candida here.

9.  Coconut Oil Cures for Dermatitis:

Studies show using coconut oil on dermatitis lead to reduced bacterial infections and increased moisture levels.

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