Review of Dr. Mercola’s Extra Virgin Fresh Shores Coconut Oil

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Fresh Shores Coconut Oil

Fresh Shores Coconut Oil is the original virgin oil distributed by, a popular natural health website.

It’s now marketed as Dr. Mercola Extra Virgin coconut oil.

Here you’ll find my personal review of Dr. Mercola’s Extra Virgin coconut oil with additional information on how it’s made, comparison to other coconut oils and average cost per tablespoon.

The site claims all of their coconut oil is made from 100% certified organic cold-pressed coconut.

Most virgin coconut oils are made from freshly picked coconuts. Ideally, the coconut palms should be grown organically and no harmful fertilizers, additives or chemicals should be used during the plant’s growth.

The coconuts should be cracked open less than 48 hours after they’re harvested and then without any exposure to heat, bleaches or chemicals.

Dr. Mercola’s Extra Virgin coconut oils claim to follow all of the above methods when making their oils.

Why You Should Choose Only Virgin Coconut Oils

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According to company information, Dr. Mercola’s Extra Virgin Fresh Shore coconut oil is made in the following way:

  1. The fresh coconuts are cold-pressed to make a coconut emulsion and then chilled to pull out the oils.
  2.  The liquid coconut milk oil is sent through a centrifuge where the coconut oil is separated.
  3. The result is a pure and natural, organic, unrefined virgin coconut oil.

The above processing methods is primarily how virgin coconut oils are made.

If you’re looking for a very clean, organic oil, this product should meet your needs.

This product is produced the same way as other popular coconut oils, such as Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil and Garden of Life Virgin Coconut Oil.

Additional reasons why this is appears to be a high quality virgin coconut oil:

  • It’s certified organic by USDA standards
  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals (some lower quality brands use hexane to extract the oil)
  • No bleaching
  • Not a refined oil
  • No deodorization
  • Isn’t hydrogenated
  • Made from traditional coconut trees only. No hybrid or genetically modified crops are used to make this oil.
  • Uses fresh coconuts, not dried ‘copra’ that’s commonly used in lower quality oils.
  • No heat is used during processing to reduce the risk of heat damage to the healthy fatty acids found in the oil.

You can get Fresh Shores Coconut Oil in a variety of sizes. It’s available to consumers in 16 ounce (pint), 32 ounce (quart) and a large 128 ounce (1 gallon) pail.

For consumers that use an average daily serving of 1 tablespoon, the pint size will provide 32 servings, the quart size will give you 64 servings, and the gallon pail will yield a 256 servings.

How Much is Dr. Mercola’s Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil per Serving?

The following chart will help you determine the average cost per serving of Fresh Shores coconut oil.

The prices shown are the most up-to-date at press time from the website and subject to change:

Cost per Size and Serving
SizeCostNumber of ServingsCost per Serving
Pint (16 oz)$17.45
32 tbsp
55 cents
Quart (32 oz)$24.45
64 tbsp
38 cents
Gallon (128 oz)$64.45
256 tbsp
25 cents

Based on the overall costs, it makes more economical sense to get the Gallon (128 oz) size because consumers will save almost double the cost per serving compared to the smaller pint size jar.

For consumers seeking a high quality virgin coconut oil,

Dr. Mercola Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent product and should meet the needs of consumers seeking an organic, virgin coconut oil at affordable prices.

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