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10 Terrific Uses of Tea Tree Oil

Are you looking for uses of tea tree oil? What I like about tea tree oil is it’s a natural antimicrobial. The active ingredient terpinen 4-OL has a broad range of germ-fighting properties that allows you to use tea tree oil in a variety of different situations – from treating cuts to fighting acne. Here you’ll find my favorite uses of tea tree oil that I hope will also work for you as well.

Uses of Tea Tree Oil:

1. Earth-Friendly Kitchen and Bathroom Cleanser

  • I find this oil makes an excellent cleanser without using any harsh abrasives or chemicals.

    Take a spray bottle and fill with water. Add a few drops of 100% tea tree oil and mix. Spray on counter tops and anywhere you want to a clean germ-free surface. It leaves a nice, pine-smelling scent.


2. Eliminates Cooking Odors

  • Place a few drops of tea tree oil in a pot of water and bring to slow boil. The vapors will fill the room with tea tree oil scent, eliminating odors.

3. Natural Acne Cleanser

  • This is one of my favorite tea tree oil remedies. I find it works better than Oxy-5 and studies show tea tree oil is as effective as over-the-counter acne medications.

4. Tea Tree Oil and Dandruff.

  • Got an itchy scalp that won’t go away? You can use this powerful oil for dandruff and an itchy scalp. Studies found tea tree oil lessens dandruff and reduces the amount of greasiness in the hair and scalp.

5. Natural Antibiotic for Cuts and Scrapes


  • Tea tree oil is a natural antibiotic and makes an excellent treatment for cuts and scrapes. Clean the affected area and apply a few drops of tea tree oil to reduce the chance of infections.

6. Relieves Coughs due to Colds

  • Place a few drops of 100% tea tree oil in a bowl of boiling water. Lean over the bowl and cover your head and bowl with a towel. Inhale the vapors to help relieve bronchospasm and loosen mucus secretions.

7.Using Tea Tree Oil on Head Lice

  • While you can use shampoos loaded with pesticides to kill head lice, researchers discovered tea tree oil kills head lice just as effectively by affecting their nervous systems. Click the above link for more information on this interesting tea tree oil remedy.

8.Tea Tree Oil and Athletes Foot

  • Just a few drop of tea tree oil may help fight fungal infections of the feet. Research shows this tree oil may relieve symptoms of athlete’s foot and foot fungus.

9.Tea Tree Oil and Toe Nail Fungus

  • This is one tea tree oil remedy that has gained popularity over the years. Tea tree oil was shown in some studies to have an 80% cure rate in treating fungal infections of the nails. Tea tree oil may work a little slower than over-the-counter anti-fungal medications, but it is less likely to cause serious side effects associated with those prescription drugs.

10. Bathroom and Toilet Bowl Odor Eliminator

  • I got this idea after seeing a commercial for a product called Just a Drop Personal Bathroom Odor Eliminator. It’s a liquid deodorizer made up of plant extracts. You place a couple drops in the toilet before doing your business and it helps keep the odors down.

    I tried using tea tree oil as a bathroom deodorizer and I found it works quite well. I did have to use a few more drops than what I used with the Just a Drop because the tea tree oil scent isn’t as strong – but I found it does help fight bathroom odors quite effectively.


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