The Benefits of Using Fish Oil for Dogs

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Are fish oil for dogs required for better health? Studies show that the fatty acids in fish oils can help improve heart health and a shinier fur coat.

Fish oils are high in the omega 3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

These essential fats are required for the proper function of nearly every cell in the nervous system, brain, eyes, hormones and organs.

We need to get these fats from our diets because our bodies can’t produce them.

While you may think these types of fats are only meant for people, veterinarians state that dogs also require these healthy fats for optimal health.

5 Reasons for Using Fish Oil for Dogs

Studies show that giving fish oil to dogs may help encourage a healthy fur coat, reduce joint pain in arthritis and prevent rising cholesterol levels.

1. Skin and Fur Health

– Fish oils can give your dog a nice shiny fur coat. Studies indicate that fish oils help dry skin and can reduce hair loss.  Dry skin conditions caused by allergies (atopic dermatitis) and hair loss from poor scalp health may be relieved or cured by increasing the amount of these fats in the canine diet.

2. May Reduce Joint Pain and Arthritis

– Studies have proven that fish oils improve arthritis symptoms in dogs. Researchers at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the University of Leipzig, Germany found EPA reduces inflammatory markers in dogs with osteoarthritis.

3. Dry Brittle Nails in Dogs

– Fish oils are an effective treatment for lupoid onychodystrophy, a severe nail condition where the claws can split and fall off. A study published in the Acta Veterinaria Scandinavicaconcluded that 10 ml a day of fish oils was equally effective as 5 mg/kg per day of cyclosporine (a drug with immuno-suppressive properties) for  producing healthy strong claws.

4. Fish Oils May Improve Canine Mental Health

– Animal research indicates that omega 3 fatty acids are linked to healthier brain development in dogs. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found fish oil, vitamin B and antioxidants appeared to support and prevent cognitive decline in older dogs.

5. Heart Health

– Fish oils may also help improve cardiovascular health in dogs. The Department of Animal and Food Sciences in the University of Kentucky found fish oils protect against rising cholesterol levels.

List of Fish Oil for Dogs Products

Kronch Salmon Oil Dog Supplement provides pure, natural omega 3’s from wild, non-farmed salmon.

kronch fish oil supplement for dogsThe best fish oil for dogs should be purified and low in contaminants. Kronch Wild Salmon Oil is produced by Henne Pet Foods, a Danish pet food manufacturer that specializes in natural whole foods for dogs and cats.

This particular supplement is cold-pressed, meaning it’s very concentrated and economical for daily use.

The manufacturer claims it doesn’t any preservatives, BHT, BHA, Ethoxyquin or artificial coloring or flavoring. They also claim to use only natural antioxidants such as alpha-tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, and propylgallate are added.

Each bottle comes with a dosage pump, which reduces air mixing with the fish oils and also keeps everything clean and hygiene.

Grizzly Salmon Oil All-Natural Dog Food Supplement will provide your favorite companion with 100% pure salmon oil from wild Alaskan Salmon.

grizzly salmon oil all natural dog supplement bottleThis dog supplement provides over 15 different omega 3, omega 6 and arachidonic acids; everything you need to help support a healthy fur coat, strong immune system and a healthy heart.

This product comes in a 32 ounce bottle with a handy dispenser pump and customer reviews at look positive with over 240 reviews.

Suggested Retail Price is $39.99 with online retailers offering prices ranges from $30 to $45 a bottle

Simply squirt a couple of shots of fish oil into Fido’s dog food and you’re good to go.

Alaskan Bear Treats All Natural Wild-Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs is another product that provides 100% pure wild Alaskan Salmon fish oil.

alaskan bear treats all natural salmon fish oil for dogsThis particular supplement comes mixed with rosemary extract and they claim to not use any preservatives, fillers or artificial colorings.

Many online reviews claimed that this product helped reduce dog allergies, as well as joint pain and inflammation.

We all want to provide our pets with a nutritious diet that will keep them healthy.

Giving fish oil to your dog may help reduce the incidence of certain diseases and keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy.

Please consult your veterinarian with any issues regarding your pet’s diet or health.


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