Review of Thunder Ridge Emu Oil Products

bottle of thunder ridge emu oil

Thunder Ridge emu oil is produced from one of the largest emu farms in the eastern United States.

Thunder Ridge’s CEO, Anne Geller, has been raising emus since the early 1990’s and her company offers a variety of emu oil products; ranging from emu soaps, moisturizing lotions and nutritional supplements.

Thunder Ridge is reported to also be a member of the American Emu Association (AEA) and their emu oils are AEA-Certified Highly Refined.

The advantages of using AEA-certified products is that emu oil manufacturer follow specific “Emu Oil Trade Rules”. The manufacturers must follow “Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the oils are tested for purity by an American Oil Chemist Society (AOCS) chemist.

Thunder Ridge claims all their emu oil products are completely drug-free; the farms claim to feed their emus an all-natural feed diet of grains and minerals and they don’t use any antibiotics, steroids, growth-hormones, or animal proteins in the feed.

Size and Cost of Thunder Ridge Emu Oil

The following chart shows the different prices and sizes available.

This information if from the Thunder Ridge website and subject to change without notice.

Suggested Retail Price
2 ounce
4 ounce
8 ounce
16 ounce
32 ounce

Most consumers will enjoy more cost-savings when purchasing items in bulk.

The 2 ounce bottle works out to $7.00 per ounce, whereas the large 32 ounce size is almost 50% cheaper at $3.59 per ounce.

thunder ridge emu oil

Thunder Ridge is a highly refined emu oil

We found Thunder Ridge emu oil to have a very smooth texture with a light, whitish yellow color.

The oil was odorless and we couldn’t detect any traces of rancidity.

We did a small skin test with the oil and found it absorbed fairly easily into the skin without any residual greasiness or stickiness.

The best place to purchase many of these types of products is either directly from the manufacturers or from online retailers.

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