Neptune Krill Oil and Skin Cancer Study Shows Reduced Risk by 50%

Some of the latest research on Neptune Krill Oil and skin cancer shows this marine oil may reduce the risk of skin cancer by almost 50%.

neptune krill oil skin cancerNothing feels better than the warm rays of the sun beaming down on you. I live in the Canadian prairies and we get lots of sunshine during our cold windy winters and hot dry summers.

Although the sun does give us lots of Vitamin D, I always have a worry in the back of my mind that getting too much sun will increase my risk for skin cancer.

Applying sunscreen and avoiding the sun at certain hours of the day are a few ways we can reduce our risk of getting too much sun.

But what if you could take a small soft gel pill and reduce your risk of skin cancer by almost 50%?

Well, it turns out that a recent animal study showed that krill oils may protect our skin and reduce the risk for UVB-induced skin cancer.



Effects of Neptune Krill Oil on UVB-Radiation Induced Skin Cancer Prevention

Ninety-six (96) mice were used in a trial to test the effects of Neptune Krill Oil (NKO) on UVB-radiation induced skin cancer.

The mice were divided into 2 groups that took either Neptune Krill Oil or a placebo.

And then each group was further divided into another sub-set of 3 groups that took the Neptune Krill Oil and the placebo in the following manner:

  1. taken orally
  2. applied topically to the skin
  3. would take a combination of both oral and topical together

The oral dose of the placebo and Neptune Krill Oil was equal to about to 2 grams of Neptune Krill Oil per day for a 70 kg man or a 60 kg woman.

All the mice were then exposed to UVB radiation for 30 minutes a day for 20 weeks and then their skin cells were analyzed for any skin cell damage from the exposure to radiation.

The scientists found the incidence of skin cancer was reduced by 50% when krill oil was taken orally or applied topically.

And what’s even more interesting was the rats’ skin protective powers were improved a further 67% when they had used both the oral form of krill oil and topical oil together.

So while this was only a small animal study, the results do appear promising.

It appears that a daily dose of up to 2 grams a day of Neptune Krill Oil may reduce the incidence of skin cancers caused by exposure to UVB radiation.

More research into krill oils and their protective powers may be needed before making any confirmed conclusions if this effect can be reproduced in people.


Neptune Krill Oil and Skin Cancer Research References:

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