About me

Hi, my name is Kevin Lee and I’m a full-time blogger and author of Healthy Oil Planet.com.

Why a site about healthy oils?

I started Healthy-Oil-Planet.com in 2006 and it was created to share my interest in healthy oils and the benefits of natural health products with other health-conscious people.

My interest in nutritional supplements started over 25 years ago when I began a natural bodybuilding lifestyle.

While researching muscle-building diets in a bodybuilding magazine, I came across an interesting article on the benefits of healthy fats and oils for bodybuilders training on low-calorie diets.

Due to my interests in bodybuilding and the fitness lifestyle, I’ve always paid attention to what I put into my body.

Okay…I’ll have the occasional slice of pizza, soda and potato chips, but I usually try to keep my diet fairly clean and healthy to support my muscle-building workouts.


Have You Used Natural Oils to Enhance your Health?

Throughout history, people have used healthy oils and active ingredients to treat a variety of health conditions.

Many of these naturally-derived plant and seed oils contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and organic compounds.

There is a mountain of evidence (both peer-reviewed research studies and anecdotal) showing the potential health benefits from many of these ingredients.  

While conventional medicine will always have a very important place in maintaining and improving our health, there can be a role for natural, alternative health.

For example, here’s a few health claims visitors to this site have been kind enough to share:

“I’ve had psoriasis for many years and my legs were especially covered.  At the end of 4th week taking Oil of Oregano, I noticed not only was my respiratory condition gone, but every one of my patches of psoriasis was gone. All of it cleared up completely.” – P. Webster, Texas

“My young daughter recently came down with some patches of seborrheic dermatitis on her scalp. I began applying tea tree oil to the scaly places and rubbed gently to loosen the scales. Within several days, the crusty areas were diminishing, and within one month the areas are completely gone.” – Janet, Alabama



Now it’s Your Turn to Try Natural Healthy Oils!

healthy oilsDo you have thin, dry hair?

Many people have successfully used coconut oils to soften and condition dry hair

Looking for a natural skin oil to soften and moisturize? Ingredients in emu oil have been shown to fight inflammation and improve wound healing.

These are just a few of the unique ways you can use naturally-sourced plant and seed oils to enhance your health.

Visit my Site Map where you can find even more helpful articles and content.

All the information on this site is based the latest research, anecdotal evidence and personal reviews.

Thank you for visiting this site and I wish you good health and success!



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