How to Buy the Best Pumpkin Seed Oil

Looking for the best pumpkin seed oil supplements?  While there are many different kinds of pumpkin seed oil available, you want to choose the right one to help you get the most benefits from this natural healthy oil.  Here are some of my tips to helping you choose the best pumpkin seed oils.

I believe the best pumpkin seed oils are:

  • Organic – choose to use oils that have been organically grown. This will reduce your exposure to unwanted pesticides and unethical farming practices. You can find a few pumpkin seed oils that are produced by family-run farms. Many of these farms follow traditional practices handed down from past generations. You can also find seed oils from nutritional supplement companies.

  • Cold-pressed Oils – the best oils are made from cold-pressing of the seeds. This provides a natural product that hasn’t been exposed to hexanes and other man-made chemicals. Cold-pressings also minimize heat-exposure which may alter the fatty acids and may increase the risk for rancidity.

  • Made from raw, non-gmo (genetically-modified) seeds – naturally produced seeds will provide healthy seed oils without the use of genetically-modified seeds. Many people wish to reduce their exposure to GMO food products for fear of possible long term side effects.



What about Liquid Pumpkin Seed Oils?


pumpkin seed oil

Liquid Pumpkin Seed Oil

This is one of the most popular forms and it was traditionally used as a dressing for salads and used in many recipes.

If you’re using this as a nutritional supplement, I believe the best type to get is an organic product.

Organic seed oils will usually be cold-pressed, unrefined, and use raw non-gmo (genetically-modified) pumpkin seeds.

When looking for the best pumpkin seed oils, focus on liquids that have a dark, green color. The color is from chlorophyll found in the husk of the pumpkin. Only 100% pure pumpkin seed oils using Styrian pumpkins will have a dark green color and it should have a rich nutty aroma.

Many of these products are available from smaller, family-owned farms such as Hay River Pumpkin Seed Oil.

You can also get award-winning, high-quality oils from family farms in Austria, such as Austria’s Finest Naturally® 100% Pure Extra Virgin Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark.

deimel pumpkin seed oil

Deimel Pumpkin Seed Oil

Deimel Pumpkin Seed Oil has won numerous awards of excellence for their authentic Styrian/Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oils. Based in Styria, Austria, this family farm has been producing high quality products for generations.

A few of these imported oils may cost a bit more than domestically-made oils. Some people consider the imported products as the ‘cream of the crop’ – just like getting a classic wine from a famous winery in France.

You can also get pumpkin seed oils mixed with other oils. Obviously, these are not 100% pure and are usually lower in price. Some of these mixed oils are marketed as ‘salad oils’. If you’re buying this healthy oil for use in recipes, I think these are the best ones to use.

Aside from the liquid oils from home-grown farms, the most popular place for buying these products is your local health food store. Many nutritional supplement companies have jumped on the bandwagon and offer their own brands of this healthy oil.

One such brand is Flora Certified Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil. It’s available in an 8.5 ounce bottle and usually sells for less than $15 a bottle. I purchased this product from my local health food store and found it offered a light nutty flavor that was quite delicious on salads and protein shakes.



How to Store Liquid Pumpkin Seed Oil

  • Store the oil in a cool dark place less than 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Look for oils packaged in dark glass bottles to keep out light.
  • Opened bottles should be recapped and stored in the fridge.
  • Most products will last about 12 months after being opened. However, they may lose some aroma and nutrients with time.

Prices for 100% pure liquid oils can range from 8 – 12 ounces for about $10 – $15.  You can also find pumpkin seed oils imported from other countries, such as Austria, that can cost about 20 Euros for 32 ounces (about $25), but you may also have to pay higher shipping costs to ship the product.



What about Pumpkin Seed Oil Soft Gels and Capsules?

best pumpkin seed oilIf you like the convenience of capsules, you can get these oils packaged in capsule form as well as soft gels. These usually come in dosages of 500 mg. to 1000 mg.

Prices can range from $10 – $40 for 90 capsules.   The price will depend on the brand and dosage per capsule. Most reputable brands will give you 100% pure organic oils that are cold-pressed to prevent heat damage.

I believe that one of the most important factors to look at when choosing whether or not to use a soft-gel encapsulation is what type of ingredients or materials were used to make the soft gels.

Many soft gels and capsules are produced from animal collagen.   However, if you follow a vegan or meat-less diet, you may to choose products that only use a vegetarian-based soft gel made from plant sources.

Here are some suggested brands that make pumpkin seed oils in soft gel and liquid form:

  • Now Foods Pumpkin Oil Soft Gels – contains 100 capsules of unrefined, expeller-pressed pumpkin seed oil (Curcurbita pepo) oil packaged in 1000 mg. soft gels. The soft gels are made of gelatin, glycerin and water. Suggested Retail Price – $14.59 and works out to $0.14 cents per soft gel.

  • Life Extension Water-Soluble Pumpkin Seed Extract – what I like about this particular product is it comes as a water-soluble extract packaged in vegetarian capsules. The water-soluble form is reported to help increase absorption of the oil. Comes in quantities of 60 soft gels each providing 262 mg of water-soluble pumpkin seed extract. Each soft gel also contains rice flour, vegetable cellulose (capsule), maltodextrin, stearic acid, vegetable stearate, silica. Suggested Retail Price – $21.77 which equals @0.36 cents per soft gel.

  • Flora Pumpkin Oil Certified Organic Pumpkin Oil is cold-pressed from the plant species cucurbita stilbo and cucurbita maxima grown in pesticide-free farms in Austria and Hungary. The dark green oil has a fresh flavor and is an excellent source of omega-3’s, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Suggested Retail Price – $14.98 per 8.5 ounce bottles.



Buy the Best Pumpkin Seed Oil from

If you’re looking for capsules or soft gels, below is a selection of oils produced by some reputable nutritional supplement companies.  Many of these pumpkin seed oils were marketed to be taken as a nutritional supplement, however, you can find a few bottled pumpkin seed oils made specifically for cooking.


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