My Review of Spectrum Coconut Oil Products

spectrum coconut oilWhat is Spectrum Coconut Oil and is it better than other oils?  Spectrum Natural Coconut Oil is an organic, expeller-pressed oil.

The company was founded by Jethren Phillips in 1986. He was apparently disgusted by the harsh chemical processing being used to make commercial oils, so he introduced the first naturally expeller-pressed canola oil to the United States.

As Jethren slowly grew the company he began to introduce organic oils and it’s reported they were one of the first companies to bring flax seed oil to America.

Spectrum now offers organic certified supplements, including fish oils, flaxseed oils, various culinary oils and of course, certified organic coconut oils.

Spectrum claims to use only coconuts that are grown without pesticides.

The company also claims that their oils are more pure than the heavily processed hydrogenated coconut oils.  Their coconut oils are advertised to contain about 92% saturated fat which makes it a very stable healthy fat at room temperature.

I think these types of coconut oils are a great alternative to butter, margarine and can be substituted for shortening in baking and cooking.

Spectrum has 3 kinds of coconut oils available so I’ll review each one separately below:


Spectrum has 3 kinds of coconut oils:

1. Spectrum Naturals Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

  • the oil is 100% mechanically expeller-pressed from organic coconuts.
  • I believe that unrefined coconut oils are the purest type of coconut oil because its left in its virgin state after pressing. You should use unrefined coconut oils if you want the fullest flavor and the highest nutrient content from your oil.
  • Available in 14 oz jars and Suggested Retail Prices are about $9 a jar.

2. Spectrum Naturals Organic Refined Coconut Oil

  • This is the ‘refined’ version of their organic coconut oils so there is slightly more manufacturing steps, such as heat or other processing method, to make the oil.
  • Since it’s a refined coconut oil, you’ll find it has a more neutral flavor compared to the unrefined version.
  • It makes a great cooking oil due to it having a higher smoke point. You can safely use it for baking and frying and even to replace margarines, butters and shortening in recipes.

3. Spectrum Essentials Organic Coconut Oil for Body and Hair

  • Virgin coconut oil is one of my favorite natural skin care oils. I believe it can help improve the integrity of your skin and hair. It also helps provides a protective layer against the sun, wind and cold weather.

  • This oil doesn’t contains any added preservatives or fragrances, so it makes a great natural skin oil if you have allergies to man-made chemicals or you have sensitive skin.
  • These oils are completely natural and edible. It comes in a 15 oz. plastic container.

I think that Spectrum coconut oil is an excellent brand of coconut oil. And all of their oils are free of trans-fats. The company also claims to get the majority of their products from small farms, often run by families committed to sustainable agriculture and organic farming practices.


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