Is Carlson Fish Oil the Best Fish Oil?

carlson fish oilAre you interested in trying Carlson fish oil supplements?

According to the company website, Carlson Labs is a family-owned company which was founded in 1965 by John and Susan Carlson.

They claim to produce one of the largest varieties of products in the nutritional supplement industry.

Carlson Labs offers fish oils in soft gels, liquids, orange and lemon-flavored oils, soft chews, children’s products, and high-concentration omega-3 supplements.

According to company literature, all of their products are made from fish that live in deep ocean waters.

They claim all oils are processed and bottled in Norway, which classifies this as a Norwegian fish oil.



What are the Ingredients in Carlson Fish Oil?

Carlson’s most popular supplement is called “Carlson Laboratories – The Very Finest Fish Oil”.

They claim to use anchovies and mackerel as their fish source and also add vitamin E to help keep the oils fresh.

This particular product is available in lemon and orange flavors. The bottle label claims the flavoring is made from “natural lemon flavors.” I’ve used the lemon flavor before and I actually prefer it over the orange flavored oil.

One teaspoon (1 tsp) will provide 800 mg. of EPA, 500 mg. of DHA and 300 mg. of other omega 3 fatty acids which gives you a total of 1,600 mg. of omega 3’s per dose.


carlson fish oil ingredient label


A 16.9 ounce (500 ml) bottle will provide up to 100 single teaspoon servings and the Suggested Retail Price from the Carlson Labs website is $54.50 U.S. (this works out to less than 55 cents a serving).

carlson fish oilIf you purchase a liquid product, it’s recommended you keep the bottle in the fridge after opening. This will help keep the oils fresh and may help prevent the ingredients from going rancid.

This is a pure liquid oil and there are pros and cons of liquid fish oils, such as a higher EPA/DHA per dosage.

Carlson Labs also has a line of products for children called Carlson’s for Kids Fish Oil. It comes lemon-flavored to make it more suitable for a child’s tastes.

Many of these specialty products for kids have lower dosages of omega 3 fatty acids and come in a wider variety of flavors.


How Pure are Carlson Fish Oil?

All high-quality products should be tested to ensure they contain the lowest acceptable amounts of mercury, PCB’s, and other contaminants.

They should also contain the indicated amount of EPA and DHA stated on the bottle label.

The Carlson Lab’s website claims:

…all products are regularly tested using AOAC international protocols for potency and purity by an independent FDA Registered laboratory.

The AOAC (Association of Analytical Communities) is a third-party organization made up of chemists, food scientists and microbiologists that follow specific standards for quality control testing in laboratories.


Carlson Fish Oils are IFOS Certified

Carlson Laboratories also has their products analyzed by the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), a Canadian company that analyzes and certifies fish oils and other nutritional products.

The IFOS Carlson Fish Oils Report received a 5 out of 5 Star Rating and passed all testing categories for heavy metals, PCB’s, oxidation and ingredient labeling. 

Due to increased consumer demand, more nutritional supplement companies are making these types of lab reports available to the public, which is a great thing for consumers.

The bottom line is people want to know whether the supplement they’re taking has been analyzed to ensure it provides what’s stated on the ingredient label.



Carlson Fish Oils are Popular with On-line Shoppers

carlson fish oil in spoonIn spite of the lack of available test results, these products seem to be pretty popular with consumers.

For example, Carlson Labs Very Finest Fish Oil Lemon Flavor has gotten over 800 customer reviews at

Many of the customer reviews commented on the great taste, no fish burps or fishy taste and the high amount of EPA and DHA per serving.

A small percentage of negative reviews were due to complaints of the flavoring and some people experiencing fish burps from this product.


Where Can You Buy Carlson Labs Products?

You can purchase these products directly from the Carlson Labs website.

However, you can also find many of these products at competitive prices online.

For example, here are a few Carlson Labs fish oils available at with competitive prices:


Search for more Carlson Labs Fish Oil at



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