18 Uses of Emu Oil for Natural Health and Healing

uses of emu oilLooking for different uses of emu oil? Emu oil is an excellent skin oil that can be used for a variety of conditions.

And the main reason you can use emu oil for so many different ways is due to it being non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, easily absorbed, highly moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.

So to help you out, here are 18 uses of emu oil. The following list was compiled from medical studies and my own personal experiences.

If you’re looking for a natural treatment for skin conditions, this healthy oil may be just what you need to meet your needs.

1. Acne

  • May help reduce redness by reducing inflammation, improve skin texture, moisturize and increase growth of healthy new skin. Emu oil is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores.
  • I would apply a drop of emu oil to an acne blemish and found it helped reduce redness and improved healing.

2. Arthritis

  • Research shows emu oil may reduce inflammation in arthritis and decrease joint pain. Try massaging a few drops of emu oil onto the sensitive areas on a regular basis and see if it reduces the pain and tenderness.

3. Bruises

  • Emu oil is supposed have anti-inflammatory properties so try applying some emu oil to any bruised area to see if it promotes faster healing.

4. Burns

  • Studies show that emu oil was found to increase skin cell renewal, decrease water content in burn blisters, decrease inflammatory cell growth and improve healthy skin cell growth in burns.
  • The research revealed that emu oil actually improved healing time only when the oil is applied 24 – 48 hours after the burn occurred, rather than applying it immediately after the burn occurred.

5. Canker Sores

  • Try using 1 or 2 drops of emu oil on the sore. It may help speed up scar healing time.

6. Cholesterol Lowering

  • Animal studies showed emu oil helped lower high cholesterol levels.
  • So while there are no human studies on this subject, there is evidence that omega-3 fatty acids found in emu oil may improve cholesterol levels.
  • You can get emu oil in capsule form. Make sure the emu oil is suitable for digestion and you could try using an enteric-coated emu oil capsules to maximize absorption.

7. Cuticles and Nail Care

  • I’ve actually used emu oil regularly to help soften and moisturize my cuticles. I find it helps nourish the nail bad and prevents dry, peeling cuticles.

8. Diaper Rash

  • Emu oil may improve skin texture, increase healing time and reduce redness due to its anti-inflammatory actions.
  • I would recommended doing a small skin test on to ensure no allergic reactions before using emu oil on any infants.

9. Dry Cracked Skin

  • Emu oil is an excellent moisturizer and may help heal your dry skin. Emu oil was shown in some studies to increase skin cell growth and reduce inflammation.
  • You can also use try using emu oil to replace depleted skin lipids in dry, damaged skin. Try applying emu oil when your skin is still damp after taking a shower or bath for maximum moisturizing.

uses of emu oil

10. Eczema

  • Some people with eczema have found relief by applying the oil to the area immediately after taking a bath.
  • I’ve tried using emu oil on my son’s eczema; I would apply a few drops of oil directly on the affected area and found that I needed to repeat this a number of times throughout the day before seeing any noticeable results.
  • Some people have claimed that their eczema had decreased in redness, itching, and flaking when emu oil was used. Although this oil is hypo-allergenic, try doing a skin test to ensure there’s no reaction to oil.

11. Foot Care

  • Do you have dry, cracked, peeling skin on your feet? Here’s a simple remedy that works….
  • When taking a shower or bath, use one of those foot scrubbers, like a pumice stone. While your feet are still wet, gently scrub the dead, flaking skin off your feet, then rinse off.uses of emu oil
  • Step out of the shower and apply a few drops of emu oil directly onto the affected area while your skin is still damp. This may help moisture and soothe your feet.
  • It may take a while for the skin to rebuild healthy new skin before seeing improvement. You’ll have to scrub your feet periodically and remember to apply the emu oil every time after showering or washing your feet to maintain the smooth soft skin.

12. Hair Care and Dry Scalp Conditions

  • Some people reported emu oil will improve hair growth in dormant hair follicles and improve texture in dry, damaged hair.
  • Apply a very light coating to your scalp or hair. If your skin is too oily, simply wipe off excess with a tissue.
  • *Emu oil will not cause hair to grow in bald spots.

13. Insect Bites

  • Emu oil may relieve pain, itching, swelling and improve healing time. Did you know emu oil is an effective natural mosquito repellent? It was found to be effective for about one hour before needing another application. I’ve never tried this but looking forward to trying it out this upcoming summer.

14. Muscle Aches and Pains

  • Emu oil is an excellent treatment for massaging into muscle aches and strains. It’s used by many athletic therapists, massage therapists and professional athletes for its unique therapeutic powers.

uses of emu oil

15. Razor Burn

  • I found emu oil makes a great natural shaving balm to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin after shaving. I would use emu oil after shaving to keep my face smooth and found it helped prevent razor bumps.

16. Shingles

  • Emu oil may provide relief to people suffering from shingles by reducing redness and inflammation.

17. Stretch marks

  • Emu oil may help prevent stretch marks by moisturizing and keeping the skin supple and elastic. You can try using it on stretch marks that have already formed but you may have greater success in using emu oil to help prevent stretch marks.

18. Wrinkles                           

This is just is actually just a small sample list of some uses of emu oil. Emu oil is generally safe to use because it’s usually highly compatible with human skin.

If you wish to experiment with other uses, you can always do a skin test to determine your compatibility.


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