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Fish Oil Guide

Guide to different types of fish oil products, including pharmaceutical-grade, prescription fish oils, Norwegian fish oils, soft gels vs bottle liquid, enteric-coated fish oils and more.

Neptune Krill Oil Reduces Inflammation up to 30%

Researchers in Montreal, Canada discover 300 mg of Neptune Krill Oil reduces inflammation and inflammatory protein markers by up to 30% after 7 days of usage…..

Use Seabuckthorn Oil to help Reduce Canker Sores

Scientists at the University Central Hospital, Finland found that sea buckthorn oil contain healthy fatty acids that can promote healthy mucous membranes and help cure ulcers, reduce dry mouth and promote tissue regeneration….

Guide to Buying Oil of Oregano

If you’re buying oil of oregano do you choose capsules or liquid and which is the best brand of oregano oil? Find out how to choose the best product based on….

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Conditioning and Moisturizing

Want thick, shiny, healthy hair – in less than 60 minutes? Using coconut oil for hair conditioning can help stop split ends and thinning hair. Studies show this natural plant extract can strengthen and fortify….

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