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Guide to Tea Tree Oil Lotion

tea tree oil lotionWhat the benefits of using a tea tree oil lotion?

Tea tree oil actually contains a natural antimicrobial ingredient called terpinen-4-ol that’s found to be effective against a range of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

So the advantages of using these specially-formulated lotions is that you’ll benefit from the skin-moisturizing ingredients as well as the natural germ-fighting properties of the tea tree oil.

tea tree oil lotion

Bodyshop Tea Tree Oil Lotion

And you can find a wide variety of brands that use different ingredients. For example, some of these specialty lotions come with almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and C, aloe vera and other botanicals. You can use a tea tree oil cream for spot treatments, such as acne and other blemishes.

For example, here’s a tea tree oil lotion from Bodyshop. It contains tea tree oil and another skin oil called Tamanu Oil from Madagascar.

Tamanu oil is from a tree native to Asian countries and it’s reported to have anti-inflammatory properties. Combine this with the anti-microbial properties of tea tree oil and you have great skin lotion for acne prone areas.


Make your own Tea Tree Oil Skin Lotion

You can also make your own skin lotions with tea tree oil. How do you do it? Simply add a few drops of tea tree oil to your skin lotion and mix it well. You can adjust the strength of your tea tree oil lotion by customizing how much tea tree oil you actually add to the lotion.

And you may find that making your tea tree oil lotion may be better than some store-bought lotions because you’ll know exactly how much tea tree oil is in your lotion. You could add a certain number of drops or milliliters of tea tree oil per ounce of lotion.


How to use Tea Tree Lotions Safely

Due to the anti-septic properties of tea tree oil, there are a few important things to be aware of when using lotions containing this ingredient.

  • Avoid putting the lotion near your eyes. You should wash your hands before touching or rubbing your eyes with your hands because the tea tree oil can cause a stinging sensation if you get any oil residue in your eyes.
  • Tea tree oil lotion should not be ingested and should also not be used near your mucous membranes.
  • While tea tree oil is relatively safe, here are other possible side effects from tea tree oil you should be aware of.


Cost of Tea Tree Oil Skin Lotions

So I found out that the prices will depend on the type of ingredients used in the lotion being bought. Most of the products that used organic ingredients tended to cost a bit more due to the naturally processed ingredients.

Some of the best places to find tea tree lotions are at your local health food store. You can also find a wide variety of products on the internet. Some popular brands names are Thursday Plantation and Jason Naturals. Even Body Shop has its own line of Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Products.


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