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100% Pure Refined Emu Oil

Are you curious about using emu oil? Here’s your complete guide to what these oils are, how they’re made and how to choose the best kind for maximum health benefits.

I first learned about emu oil almost 20 years ago when a friend of mine told me he liked to use it as an after-shave skin moisturizer and conditioner.

I’d never heard about this type of oil before and it wasn’t until I did further research that I learned about its many health benefits.

Emu oil was originally used for medicinal purposes by the Aborigines of Australia. It turns out that emu oils contain a special mixture of fatty acids that are very compatible with human skin.

This unique property allows the oils to deeply penetrate our skin which may help effectively treat bruises, swelling, joint pain, burns and more.

So if you’re looking for a natural skin care product that may help moisturize, soothe and strengthen your skin without the use of man-made chemicals, then emu oil may be just what you’re looking for.



The Secret to Emu Oil’s Health Benefits


emu oil

Nourish Your Skin with Emu Oil

Keeping your skin moist and elastic is important if you want vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

Emu oil contains essential fatty acids, including Oleic and Palmitic fatty acid. Scientists have learned that these fatty acids actually help the emu oil penetrate deeper into the lower levels of the skin which may provide nutrients for optimal skin cell growth.

I strongly believe that using organic skin care products may help promote skin healing, particularly if you have allergies or sensitive skin to certain ingredients. However, you’ll still need to read the ingredient labels to ensure whatever you’re applying to your skin is compatible and safe for you.

That being said, emu oil’s combination of healthy fatty acids may be more compatible with your skin than some man-made ingredients which could also help reduce any risk for allergic reactions.

Below you’ll find more detailed information about emu oil, how to use it for many different health benefits and tips to help you choose the best products. Much of this information is based on my own experiences as well as any available research.



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Joint Pain

Wrinkles and Stretch Marks

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The Inside Story on Emu Oil

Who Invented this Oil? – Go back hundreds of years and you’ll find that the Australian aborigines discovered the amazing benefits of this oil. These oils are actually extracted from the Emu, a large flightless bird related to the ostrich, and the oil was used for medicinal purposes.


Why Emu Oil is So Special

Oil Ingredients – While aboriginal medicine men may have always known about the healing powers of this oil, modern scientists have just recently discovered how the ingredients in these oils can help reduce inflammation and promote wound healing and skin growth.

How Safe is this Oil? – Emu oil is available in cosmetic and pharmaceutical-grades. Here you’ll learn about different types of oils and how to determine which is the safest for you to use.


How You can Benefit from Emu Oil

Research Studies – Here we’ll take a look at the available research behind the health benefits of this natural skin oil.

Health Benefits – Learn the 6 Benefits of Emu Oils and why it’s one of the few skin oils that won’t clog your pores, can naturally moisturize your skin and helps reduce inflammation at the cellular level.

List of Uses – Learn how you can use this oil to treat acne, eczema, razor burn, dry cuticles and diaper rash. You can also use emu oil to soften dry skin, treat minor skin burns and much more. Find out if you can use this oil for hair loss.

Reduce High Cholesterol – While these oils are primarily used as topical skin oils, a recent animal study found emu oils reduced cholesterol by 30% when added to a high cholesterol diet.

Stop Joint Pain – Discover how to naturally reduce or eliminate joint pain when you combine the healing powers of emu oil with other natural ingredients.

Wrinkles – Can you use this product to eliminate or reduce wrinkles and fine lines? Research shows the oil can fight inflammation, reduce swelling and heal scars and burns. Discover how the high levels of oleic and palmitic acid in this oil may help prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Some people claim you can use this product to reduce or prevent stretch marks with daily application of this oil. Get the full story right here!



Looking for the Best Emu Oil? Read my Buyer’s Guide to Emu Oil!

emu oil

Emu oil I bought from an organic emu farm

The growing popularity of natural skin care products has increased the demand for the oil’s natural ability to heal and nourish your skin.

You can now find this oil as an active ingredient in a number of different skin care and cosmetic products, such as shampoos, soaps and skin lotions.

Before you go out and buy any of these products, make sure you read my Buyer’s Guide. Here you’ll learn how to compare different products, how much to pay and and where to buy the best products.

Before buying this oil, you should make sure to look at any available product reviews to learn more about a particular product.

For example, Thunder Ridge Product Review provides information on a popular oil sold at health food stores and on-line retailers. Product reviews can give you unbiased information to help you choose the right product for your needs. I prefer to use only high-quality emu oils that are 100% certified organic and locally made, if possible.

You can choose from a variety of oils produced by American emu farms that follow ethical, organic guidelines. Many of the higher quality oils are endorsed by the leading emu oil certification programs.

And make sure to visit our Forums where you can share and read product reviews and other people’s experiences with this healthy oil.


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