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100% Pure Refined Emu Oil


Curious about using emu oil?

Emu oils are a natural skin oil that can be used for a variety of skin issues, including dry skin and wound healing.

Here’s your complete guide to what these oils are, how they’re made and how to choose the best kind for maximum health benefits.


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The history of emu oils  show that it was originally used for medicinal purposes by the Aborigines of Australia.

The oil’s ingredients are a special blend of fatty acids that are very compatible with human skin.

This unique property allows the oil to easily penetrate the skin which may help it effectively treat bruises, swelling, joint pain, burns and more.


Why Emu Oil is Great for Natural Skin Care


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Nourish Your Skin with Emu Oil


Keeping your skin moist and elastic is important if you want vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

The surface of your skin contains surface lipids, a layer of fatty cell membranes and sebum. Its main purpose is to maintain the moisture barrier and protect you from germs and the outside environment. 

These surface lipids are made up of sebum, waxy esters, triglycerides and essential fatty acids.

Emu’s oil ingredients consist of a range of essential fatty acids very similar to human skin, including Oleic and Palmitic fatty acid.

Scientists have learned that these fatty acids help emu oil penetrate the lower levels of the skin which can provide nutrients for optimal skin cell growth.

Is Emu Oil Safe to Use? The oils are available in cosmetic and pharmacuetical-grades and it’s found to be non-comedogenic and non-allergenic.



List of Emu Oil Health Benefits


Research Studies – We take a closer look at the research behind the benefits of this natural skin oil.

Health Benefits – Learn six ways how to naturally moisturize skin and reduces inflammation at the cellular level.

List of Uses – Discover how to naturally treat acne, eczema, razor burn, dry cuticles and diaper rash.

Hair Loss – A closer look if you can really use this oil increase hair growth and stop hair loss. 

Reduce High Cholesterol – Recent animal study found emu oils reduced cholesterol by 30% when added to a high cholesterol diet.

Stop Joint Pain – Its anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce or eliminate joint pain when you combine it other healing ingredients.

Wrinkles – Studies show that emu oils ingredients may help fortify the natural skin moisture barrier and may prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Stretchmarks – Can you reduce those horrible red scars with this oil? Get the full story right here.



Buyer’s Guides, Product Reviews and Forum

emu oil bottle from organic farm

Emu oil bought from an organic emu farm

When it comes to buying emu oils, you want to choose products that are produced to the highest standards.

Product reviews and buying guides can help you choose the best product for your needs. Many of the higher quality oils are endorsed by the emu oil certification programs.

Thunder Ridge Product Review provides information on this popular product sold at many health food stores and on-line retailers.

Use of Emu Oils and Cosmetics – looks at getting the benefits from this oil by adding it to shampoos, soaps and skin lotions.

Complete Buyer’s Guide to Emu Oils – Will help you determine different grades of emu oils and how to choose the best products.

Emu Forums – Drop into the forum and learn how other people have used emu oil.  We welcome your own comments and questions here. 


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