My Review of Minami Fish Oil Supplements

Minami fish oil supplements are produced by Minami Nutrition. They were one of the first companies to use a patented distillation process to make their fish oils. 

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Minami Omega Fish Oil

The majority of pharmaceutical-grade fish oils are made by a process called molecular-distillation.

This process is an expensive and very complicated technology that separates the omega 3 fatty acids by their molecular weight while in a vacuum.

The end result is a highly purified and concentrated fish oil.

What sets Minami fish oil even further ahead of the pack is they’re made by a patented “Supercritical” CO2 distillation process.

The literature I received from Minami Nutrition claims this proprietary process uses 400 percent less temperature and there’s also no oxygen exposure or the use of solvents.

Now one of the problems with processing these types of products is there’s a risk of them becoming rancid due to over exposure to excessive heat and oxygen.

Minami claims their proprietary process maintains the integrity of the healthy fatty acids so that they can provide their full health benefits.

Also, Minami claims that their processing method ensures there are no saturated fats in their products.

Most fish oils sold in the U.S. actually contain saturated fats.  Minami Nutrition believes that saturated fats can affect your body’s ability to use the omega 3’s.

What I like about Minami Nutrition is they’ve created products based on the current research to address cardiac health, pregnancy, emotional and mental health.

They also have a vegan supplement formulated from a marine algae source.



Review of Minami Fish Oil Omega 3 Concentrates Cardi03

CardiO-3 is one of Minami’s most popular products. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement for maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. I’ve seen this product sold under the older name, PluShinzO-3.

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One soft gel of CardiO-3 provides a 90% concentration of omega 3’s. I believe this is at least 3 times the omega 3 concentrations seen in most fish oils.

A 1000 mg. soft gel of CardiO-3 provides 635 mg. EPA, 194 mg. DHA and 71 mg. other fatty acids totalling 900 mg. of omega 3’s.

So why would you want to take a high concentration omega 3 supplement like this for heart health?

Well, I found a study from Norway, published in the July 2006 journal of Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty acids, showing that omega 3 concentrations greater than 80% appear to have higher uptake and a more potent effect for reducing triglycerides than lower concentrations.

This means you only need to take 1 soft gel of CardiO-3 per day to enhance your heart health compared to taking up to 4 – 10 soft gels of a lower concentration fish oil.



What are the Ingredients and Purity of Minami Fish Oil?

Minami Nutrition says they don’t obtain their fish from over-fished waters.

They claim to use smaller fish such as mackerel, sardines, herrings and anchovies caught off Chilean and Spanish waters.

Minami also claims that their’s is the only product to receive EMAS status which is a stringent European environmental standard.

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Minami Soft Gels are made of Fish Gelatin

Another interesting fact I discovered about Minami is that they don’t use animal collagen to make their soft gels.

Information on fish oil soft gels shows that most soft gels are made with animal collagen, whereas Minami uses only fish gelatin.

The ingredient label on CardiO-3 lists gelatin, purified water, glycerol and orange oil as ingredients in their soft gel.

Minami also claims to have designed their soft gels for maximum absorption and stability to reduce the likelihood of “fish burps”.

All of their supplements are free of fish odors and come in orange or strawberry flavors.



Here’s a Sure-Fire Way to Check the Purity of your Fish Oil

Most reputable companies will allow some way for consumers to check that the products have been tested to be free of detectable contaminants.

Some companies may issue a Certificate of Analysis or use third-party labs to test their oils, such as IFOS Fish Oils.

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Batch Number and Expiry Date on Cap

Minami Nutrition tests all their products on a batch-by-batch basis. You’ll find that each bottle will come with a Batch Number and Expiry Date printed on the label or bottle cap.

This Batch Number allows you to visit the company website to see the test results of that particular batch of fish oils.

And Minami claims all of their products are tested for PCB’s, mercury, dioxins, pesticides and heavy metals.



How Much Does Minami Fish Oil Really Cost?

Minami Nutrition has about a dozen different omega 3 products where each is specially formulated for a specific health need.

Their products come in bottles of 30 or 60 counts and you can also buy them in blister packs.

While some of their products may cost a bit more than typical fish oil supplements, I don’t think that their prices are overly expensive for the average health conscious consumer.

For example, the Suggested Retail Price for Minami Nutrition CardiO-3 is $27.45 U.S. for a 30 capsule bottle depending on where you buy it from.

This works out to less than a dollar a day for a fish oil that gives you over a 90% omega 3 fatty acid concentration.

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Minami Fish Oil PlusEPA

And I believe that you’ll realize cost savings when you consider you may have to take 3 – 6 soft gels of a lower concentration fish oil in order to equal the amount of omega 3 fatty acids you’ll get from taking only one Minami soft gel.

I could only find a couple of online retailers that sell CardiO-3, such as

However, I did find a few more retailers that sell Minami’s other products, such as their MorEPA and MorDHA omega 3 concentrates.

You may be also be able to find Minami Nutrition’s products in your local health food store. As word gets out about these highly concentrated fish oils, I’m sure more retailers will start carrying these products.

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