7 Unique Ways to use Olive Oil for Skin Care

olive oil skin care

Try Olive Oil for Skin Care

Did you know that using olive oil for skin care was one of the first natural treatments for improving our skin?

Its use was actually discovered by Mediterranean women many years ago. The oil from olives was found to provide a bevy of nutrients a woman’s skin needs to stay healthy and glowing.

Olive oil contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. The polyunsaturated fats can help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, like Vitamin A, D, E and K.

These fatty acids are also an important energy source and can play an important role in maintaining the integrity of your skin.

Olive oil also provides your skin with the vitamins A & E, as well as carotenoids, squalene (which has anti-cancer effects), phytosterols, chlorophyll and phenolic compounds (which were shown to have anti-microbial activity).

Researchers also believe that the phenols in olive oil may help protect you from skin, colon and breast cancer.

If you suffer from dry inflamed skin, you may also benefit from using olive oil for skin care.

The oil can help reduce moisture loss, improve skin texture and tone without blocking pores.

And recent animal studies showed that olive oil can help reduce inflammation and edema as effectively as indomethacin, which is a powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.



Here’s 7 Ways You can Use Olive Oil for Healthier Skin Care


1. Cuticle Softener and Moisturizer – Take a couple drops of olive oil and massage onto your nails and cuticles. The oil can help reduce cracked and peeling cuticles.

2. Make Up Removal – You can effectively remove all traces of eyeliner, eyeshadow and make-up with this oil. Soak a cotton ball with olive oil and gently wipe away the make-up while moisturizing your skin at the same time.

3. Use as a Bath Oil – Add olive oil to your bath water and allow the fatty acids to soak into your skin. The oil will help retain moisture and leave your skin softer and smoother-looking.

olive oil skin care4. Soften Calluses and Rough Skin – Soak in a warm bath and shower to soften any rough skin areas. Gently massage calluses and rough skin with a loofah brush or rough cloth. Massage olive oil directly onto these areas and work the oil into the skin. Repeat this procedure daily and it may help reduce those dry rough patches of skin from re-appearing.

5. Moisten Chapped Lips – You can use this oil to moisturize and soften dry chapped lips. Place a drop of oil on a cotton applicator or finger tip and lightly apply the oil to your lips.

6. Use to Reduce Scars – Apply the oil to recently healed cuts and scrapes; the oil’s moisturizing effects may help enhance healing and reduce the formation of scars and dark spots.

7. Help Reduce wrinkles – Can olive oil reduce the formation of wrinkles? As you get older, your skin may become thinner and drier, thereby increasing your risk for wrinkles. Using olive oil to maintain skin moisture levels may help reduce or delay the formation of wrinkles.



Using Specialized Olive Oil Skin Care Products


olive oil skin careSo what’s the best way to apply olive oil to your skin?

In the old days, Mediterranean women would simply apply the oil directly onto their skin, and you could choose to do it the same way.

However, now you can now get organic body lotions that contain olive oil, along with other skin nourishing ingredients. 

Many of these specialty skin care products may also contain other healthy oils, such as avocado, almond and grapeseed oils.

I like to check the actual ingredient labels so you can see what exactly you’re getting in these types of products.

One thing for sure is that the natural skin care industry is booming and you can choose from a wide variety of products made with natural ingredients.


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