Suggested Oil of Oregano Dosage for Maximum Health Benefits

oil of oregano dosage


Are you looking for the correct oil of oregano dosage for treating certain health conditions?

The oregano plant is a member of the mint family and was traditionally used in Mediterranean culture as a culinary herb.

However, the ancient Greeks were the first to discover this flowering plant’s medicinal properties.

In our article, A Closer Look at Oil of Oregano Ingredients and Health Benefits, we looked at its anti-microbial properties.  

This popular natural health product is available in capsule and bottled liquids.

While both types have been found to be equally effective, you may choose to use only one particular form for a specific health condition.

Here you’ll learn how to take oregano oil for specific ailments, possible side effects and suggested oil of oregano dosages for children.

Please consult with a health care professional before using any natural health product or supplement.



Suggested Oil of Oregano Dosage by Mouth


This is one of the most popular ways for treating a variety of health conditions.

Here are recommended suggestions from oil of oregano manufacturers and producers. 

Recommended Oil of Oregano Dosage by Mouth for Adults:

  • Using a sterilized eye dropper, place 4 – 6 drops of oil under your tongue and hold it there for a few minutes then flush your mouth out with water. 

  • For sore throats or oral/gum care, you can place 4 – 6 drops in a glass of cool water and gargle with it.
  • Suggested frequency for oral dosages is 3 – 6 times per day, depending on the severity of the infection.

  • For preventative use, try taking a lower dosage of 1 – 4 drops per day, held under the tongue for a few minutes, followed by a glass of water.

  • For a weaker solution, you can dilute 100% pure oil with an equal amount of olive oil.

Liquid oregano oil can leave a strong, spicy taste when taken orally or sublingual (under the tongue).

You can reduce this spicy sensation by drinking drink milk or chewing on some bread to increase saliva production.

If you find the liquid form too spicy you can try using capsules.

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Taking Oil of Oregano by Capsule

oil of oregano dosage

Oil of Oregano Capsules


One of the advantages of taking it by capsule form is you won’t taste the oil.

Oregano Oil Capsules are available in a wide variety of dosages and they can come mixed with a number of other ingredients.

It’s suggested you follow the manufacturer’s suggested dosage recommendations before taking by capsule or soft gel.

Studies have used dosages up to 600 mg. per day and other studies found lower dosages were equally effective.

You should be aware of possible side effects from taking oil of oregano orally.

Some people have complained of high blood pressure from oil of oregano  and it may cause mild gastrointestinal issues, such as upset stomach or gas.


Topical Application of Liquid Oil of Oregano

oil of oregano dosage

Use liquid oregano oil for topical use


A long time ago, the ancient Greeks used to rub oil of oregano on the skin as a topical antiseptic to kill germs.

They also used the oil to treat joint pain, insect bites, sore muscles and skin rashes.

The recommended topical treatment is:  one or two drops of oregano oil massaged into the affected area.

These types of essential oils can be highly concentrated, so it’s important to be aware of the amount of oil that’s actually applied to the skin.

Allow a few minutes for the oil to absorb and then remove any excess. This will help reduce the strong oregano scent that may linger afterwards.

Avoid applying the oil to any open sores or sensitive skin areas.



Suggested Oil of Oregano Dosage for Children


In our article, Using Oil of Oregano for Children, there are important factors to consider when giving this oil to children.

It’s recommend you only apply the oil topically to children under 5 years of age.

Children between the ages of 5 to 10 years of age can take oil of oregano orally, but it should be diluted.

  • Suggested Topical Application of Oil of Oregano for Children 6 months to 5 Years Old:

    Dilute 1 part oil of oregano and 4 parts olive oil and apply to the soles of feet and spine.You can also try adding a few drops of oregano oil to warm bath water and soaking the child’s feet in it. Avoid applying the oil to any open sores or sensitive areas.

  • Recommended Oral Dosage for Children 5 – 10 Years Old:

    Place 1 drop of oil of oregano mixed in juice or milk and give up to 3 times a day. Children 10 years old and older may use up to 3 drops, three times per day in juice or milk. Manufacturers recommend you don’t exceed giving oil of oregano more than 7 – 10 days of use in children.


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