Review of Dr. Barry Sears Fish Oil

bottle of zone labs omegaRX2 barry sears fish oil

Dr. Barry Sears fish oil (also called Dr. Sears Zone Omega Rx 2) are pharmaceutical-grade, ultra refined, omega 3 fatty acid concentrates.

Who is Dr. Sears? He’s the creator of the popular Zone Diet. While doing research in developing his weight loss program, he created a unique formula of supplements that he believes will boost athletic performance, accelerate weight loss and improve your health.

The original Dr. Sears fish oil line was called Zone Lab Concentrates and included the brand names Eico Pro, Omega Rx and Eico Rx.

Each formulation contained different amounts of omega 3 fatty acids.  He has now re-formulated his product line with increased EPA and DHA levels.

The current product line is now called OmegaRX2 (available in liquids, capsules and micro-capsules) and OmegaRX2 Sport (this is the former Eico RX but with higher amounts of EPA and DHA).

The one thing I found that separates Dr. Barry Sears fish oil from some other brands oil is they provide very high amounts of the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

This review will look at the Omega RX2 and Omega RX2 Sport products.


Do you Need a High Concentration Omega 3 Fish Oil?

Omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to have many positive health benefits.

Numerous studies report that essential fatty acids can reduce inflammation and joint pain, affect mood and hormone levels, and may even promote healthy pregnancies.

Depending on your personal health needs, you’ll have to determine whether a high-potency fish oil is the right choice.

It’s recommended you contact your health care provider to help you make this decision; particularly if you have a history of heart disease or other chronic medical conditions.

In the following video, Dr. Barry Sears explains the importance of omega 3 fatty acids and they help fight inflammation and enhance cellular health:


A Closer Look at Dr. Barry Sears Fish Oil Product Line

Omega RX2 Capsules and Liquid

bottle of omegaRX2 Barry Sears Fish Oil soft gelsThis is one of Dr. Sear’s most popular products that provides over 40% concentration of EPA and DHA per serving.

• If you’re looking for a high-dose omega 3 supplement, this might meet your requirements. I believe it has one of the highest EPA and DHA concentrations available.

• The suggested serving size is 4 capsules a day which provides 4000 mg. of fish oil concentrate yielding 2000 mg of EPA and 1000 mg of DHA.

• It’s currently only available in 120 capsules per bottle and you can also get it in a 10 ounce bottled liquids.

• One teaspoon of the Omega RX2 Liquid provides about 2250 mg of EPA and 1125 mg of DHA.

• 120 capsules is a 30 day supply (4 capsules a day). The Suggested Retail Price from the Dr. Sears Zone website is about $56 a bottle so a one month supply will cost about $1.90 a day. The Liquid bottles cost about $99 a bottle with each daily dose costing about $3.30 per teaspoon.

Product Label from Dr. Sears OmegaRX2: Capsules

ingredient label of Dr. Barry Sears OmegaRX2 soft gel capsules

Product Label from Dr. Sears OmegaRX2: Liquids

ingredient label of Dr. Barry Sears OmegaRX Liquid fish oil

You can see that the Omega RX2 LIQUID provides more EPA and DHA per dose. Dr. Sears claims it provides 25% more EPA and DHA than the OmegaRX2 CAPSULES, but this results in a higher cost of about $99 per bottle.

Omega RX2 Sport Edition

bottle of Dr. Barry Sears OmegaRX2 Sports Version Fish Oil• This product contains the same amount of EPA and DHA used in Omega Rx2 Capsules; the only difference is the addition of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) and sesame oil. Dr. Sears claims that the combination of EPA, DHA, GLA and Sesame oil could help boost your body’s recovery time by reducing the negative metabolic effects of exercise.

• It’s available in 120 capsules per bottle (4 capsules a day). The Suggested Retail Price for the Dr. Sears Omega RX2 Sport fish oil is about $65 a bottle and this works out to about about $2.15 per day. This comes out to about 25 cents more per day than the standard Omega RX2 fish oil.

How Pure are Dr. Barry Sears Fish Oils?

Dr. Sears fish oil are reported to be highly-purified and have been tested by the International Fish Oil Standards to provide at least 60% omega 3 concentrations.

The IFOS has also shown that these products meet the acceptable standards for mercury, PCB’s and other contaminants.

Dr. Barry Sears fish oil also has added sesame oil concentrates which is reported to help reduce the chances for oxidation and protect the omega 3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, from oxidizing.

Here’s a copy of ZoneLab Omega Rx2 Purity Report showing actual omega 3 concentrations, purity and contaminant levels conducted by a third-party lab.

Is it Worth it to Buy Dr. Barry Sear’s Fish Oils?

spoonful dosage of fish oil soft gelsAt press time, Barry Sears fish oil retail prices ranged from $50 to $100 a bottle.

This may seem expensive compared to a generic or private-label brand you could pick up at your local discount superstore for about $20.

The main reason for the price differences is the higher amount of EPA and DHA you’ll get the OmegaRx line.

If you look at the actual price per gram of EPA and DHA, you may find that it’s less expensive using Dr. Sears fish oils. This is because you would have to take multiple dosages of a lower priced generic fish oil to match the higher omega 3 fatty acid concentrations you’d get from a single dosage of Dr. Sear’s fish oil.

Your choice may also depend on what your specific health needs are the reasons for using an omega 3 fish oil supplement.

You used to be able to find Barry Sears’ fish oils on some of the major online retailers, like, but it appears the only place you can find them now is on Dr. Sear’s website,

While this is a popular brand, there are other companies that also produced high-concentration, molecularly-distilled omega 3 supplements.

For example, one brand called Omapure claims to provide almost 75% omega 3 fatty acids in a highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade distilled fish oil. This product is made in the USA and they appear to almost identical to the Dr. Sears Fish Oil Omega Rx formulation but at competitive prices.

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