Complete Guide to Oil of Oregano

oil of oreganoWhat is Oil of Oregano and why would you want to use it?

The oregano plant is an herb that’s been traditionally used in Mediterranean culture for food and medicinal purposes.


The oil extracted from the oregano plant contains a number of active ingredients proven to have many health benefits.

Oregano oil can be applied topically to your skin or ingested.

Numerous studies have shown that oil of oregano can help fight virus, bacteria and fungal infections.

Oregano oil may offer the following benefits:

  • Can help your body fight off the flu and colds
  • May reduce pain and inflammation
  • Can kill certain germs and viruses on contact
  • May help repel fungi, parasites and yeast infections
  • Can provide immediate relief from certain allergies and insect bites


What is Oil of Oregano?

The oregano plant (Origanum vulgare) is a flowering plant in the mint family and is found throughout Europe and Asia.

The oil is made by steam-distilling the leaves. The extracted oil contains a number of active compounds called terpenes, phenols and flavonoids.


7 Ways to Use of Oregano Oil

Research shows that active ingredients in oregano oil (carvacrol and thymol) have anti-microbial properties.

Here are 7 possible benefits and uses of oregano oil.

  1. Acne:  A study published in 2018 indicated that oregano oil is a safe, effective treatment for acne caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  2. Yeast Infections: Brazilian researchers discover that oregano oil is an effective anti-fungal against 16 different strains of Candida yeast.
  3. Herpes and Viral Infections:  Most anti-viral drugs don’t kill viruses, they only inhibit their development. Carvacrol is one of the few ingredients that can actually ‘break open’ the virus’s outer shell, exposing the inner RNA and destroying it. Studies showed that carvacrol is effective against the herpes virus.
  4. Anti-Cancer: Phytotherapy Research Journal reports that oregano oil has anti-cancer properties in breast, liver and lung cancers.
  5. Enhances Wound Healing: Doctors at University of Medicine, New Jersey found a 3% extract of oregano oil decreased bacterial infections and improved healing in post-surgical wounds
  6. Fights Skin Inflammation: Scientists report oil of oregano significantly inhibits inflammation and scar formation in human skin cells
  7. Toenail Fungus: Many studies indicate that oregano oil has anti-fungal properties and it can effectively treat Toenail Fungus.


How to Use Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil Dosages – Here you’ll find specific information regarding recommended dosages, how to take capsules and liquid oregano oil, how to apply oregano oil topically and much more.

Oregano Oil and Children – Important information if you wish to use oregano oil on children, including safety concerns, allergies, recommended dosages and more.

Avoiding Side Effects – While this is a natural product there’s always the possibility of experiencing side effects. Before you use oregano oil you need to read this information so you can get optimal results from this healthy oil.

Oregano Oil Forum – Come into the forum and learn how other people have used oil of oregano. Feel free to post your own comments and questions here. 


Guide to Buying Oregano Oil

How to Choose the Best Oregano Oil – Oregano oil is available in different strengths, dosages and mixtures.

This information will teach you how to shop for oregano oil supplements by comparing the carvacrol and thymol concentrations, assessing purity and quality of the oils, and how to choose between liquid oils and soft gels.


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