Product Review of Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

twinlab norwegian cod liver oil

What is Twinlab Norwegian cod liver oil and is it a good cod liver oil to use?

Turns out that Twinlab is one of the largest nutritional supplement companies in North America.

They’ve got one of the largest lines of nutritional supplements, ranging all the way from amino acid pills, vitamin and herbal formulas as well as a huge sports nutrition line.

While you can find many different brands of cod liver oils, you may be wondering how this particular brand of fish oil stacks up against the others.

You can get Twinlab Norwegian cod liver oil in both soft gel and the old traditional liquid oils.

What I found unique about Twinlab’s cod liver oils is that they come in two different formulas:

  1. TwinLab Emulsified Cod Liver Oil
  2. Twinlab Regular Unflavored Cod Liver Oil


So what’s the difference between Emulsified and Regular cod liver oil?

  • A blend of lecithin and apple pectin is used to mechanically reduce and disperse (emulisfy) the oil globules of cod liver oil into really tiny droplets.
  • Twinlab claims this process helps makes the ingredients in their cod liver oil more easily digestible.

At the time of this report there are not too many emulsified fish oil products available. The most popular type of fish oils are produced by a method called molecular distillation which uses a vacuum and low temperatures to separate the fatty acids from contaminants.

Now before you write off emulsified oils as some kind of marketing scheme, you should know about a study published in the Jan. 2007 Issue of Nutrition Journal showed that subjects taking an emulsified omega 3 fatty acid solution displayed faster absorption and higher omega 3 fatty acids in their blood, compared to subjects who took an un-emulsified solution.

So it appears that Twinlab was onto something when they created their emulsified fish oil. The emulsified formulation may be a better way to increase how well the body absorbs the essential healthy fats found in their fish oil supplements.



Comparison of Ingredients in Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil

Based on the above study, it appears that the emulsified cod liver oil would be more easily absorbed than the regular version available from Twinlabs.

But for the sake of argument, let’s take a closer look at what you really get in these two types of cod liver oil:

  Emulsified Regular
EPA 516 mg 554 mg
DHA 314 mg 369 mg
Vitamin A 4556 iu 4615 iu
Vitamin D 430 iu 462 iu
Suggested Retail Cost $11.49 $ 8.49


And it looks like you get about the same ingredients in the emulsified and non-emulsified cod liver oils from Twinlab.

The emulsified cod liver oil contains filtered water, glycerin, sorbitol, soy lecithin, cellulose, lemon flavors, tragacanth (Astragalus) gum resin, apple pectin, alpha tocopherol, ascorbyl and palmitate.

The Twinlab website says their cod liver oils are neither bleached or deodorized and come unfortified in its natural state. Some fish oil manufacturers will ‘bump up’ or fortify their cod liver oil by adding extra Vitamins A or D. So it appears that Twinlab avoids doing this to keep their fish oils in the most natural state possible.

Twinlab also claims to flush the bottles with nitrogen to seal out the air. This step is done to prevent the oils from going rancid and stops oxidation of the fatty acids if they are ever exposed to oxygen.


How Much does Twinlab Norwegian Cod Liver Oil Cost?

Suggested retail prices for a 12 oz. bottle of Twinlab cod liver oil is $11.49; however, you can find it at a variety of prices at many online retailers. I’ve seen online prices range as low as $5.97 to about $15.00 per bottle.


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