Kosher Fish Oil – What You Need to Know

With the interest in fish oils and their health benefits, it makes sense to have a kosher fish oil.

But with the wide range of supplements filled with flavorings and additives, it can be hard for the health-conscious kosher consumer to find kosher vitamin supplements.

For people that don’t follow a this type of lifestyle, they may not understand the complexities or frustration in finding kosher nutritional supplements.

In fact, many vitamins and nutritional supplements are routinely made from non-kosher animal products.

The bottom line is that it’s very rare that you’ll find kosher vitamin supplement companies that cater exclusively to the kosher consumer….and this especially applies to kosher fish oil products.

What is Fish Oil Kosher?

In its most simplest terms, the Torah requires that kosher fish must have scales and fins.

And not only must the fish have scales and fins, you should be able to remove the scales without harming the fish.

For example, a sturgeon isn’t considered kosher because you can’t remove their bony scales without harming it. has an extensive list of kosher fish if you wish to see which are kosher and non-kosher fish.

Mackerel, tuna and salmon are considered kosher fish and it so happens that the majority of high quality fish oils are made from these types of fish.

So not only does your fish need to be kosher, all the ingredients in your fish oil need to be certified kosher by the required authorities.

What’s the Best Kosher Fish Oil?

Unfortunately, you may not find these types of supplements at your local health food store.

You may have to look online for retailers that offer this specialty health food supplements.

One popular product is produced by the vitamin supplement manufacturer, Maxi-Health.

kosher fish oil

Maxi Health Kosher Fish Oil

Maxi-Health Omega-3 Concentrate Certified Kosher Fish Oil is a certified kosher fish oil.

This high grade fish oil contains 1000 mg. fish oil in a kosher, vegetarian soft gel capsule made from potato starch.

Maxi-Health Research Inc. is apparently one of the largest suppliers of high quality, vegetarian and kosher vitamin and mineral supplements.

All of their products and ingredients are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and Udvari Kashruth of America.

Bluebonnet Nutrition Kosher Fish Oil is another kosher-certified fish oil in a triglyceride form and comes with natural preservatives made from rosemary extract and non-GMO tocopherols. The soft gels are kosher-certified vegetarian capsules.

Using a kosher fish oil made from kosher fish may help ensure you get the health benefits of omega 3 fatty acids while staying true to your beliefs.

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