Using Cod Liver Oil on Osteoarthritis

Studies show you can benefit from cod liver oil for osteoarthritis and joint pain.

Anyone afflicted with sore, aching joints, back pain or lacking mobility can understand how debilitating it can be.

Treatment usually consists of corticosteriods and pharmacological drugs to ease pain. There are now newer medications that may help rebuild joints, however, some of these come with a risk for side effects.

There is also the possibility of using natural substances to relieve joint pain and inflammation.

Cod Liver Oil's Effects on Joint Pain

Recent studies using cod liver oil on osteoarthritis found it offers some amazing benefits:

  • Reduces enzymes that destroy joint cartilage.
  • Lowers the amount of enzymes that cause joint pain.
  • Decreases 'morning stiffness' and swollen joints.
  • Improves bone mineral density.

Nutritionists and Doctors agree that getting adequate levels of vitamin D can help your body produce stronger, healthy bone cells. An excellent source of vitamin D can be found in cod liver oil.

The following studies look at the use of cod liver oil for joint pain and arthritis.

Cod Liver Oil Reduces Cartilage Damage

United Kingdom - In 2002, scientists released a study showing cod liver oil slows down the destruction of joint cartilage in osteoarthritis.

People with osteoarthritis usually get joint pain because the cartilage has broken down or eroded away.

Researchers analyzed tissue samples of patients' cartilage and joint tissue from their knee joints.

Half of these patients had been taking 2 daily capsules of 1000 mg. extra high-strength cod liver oil and the other half received a placebo.

xray of normal hands xray of arthritic hands
Normal Hands Arthritic Hands

Researchers found 86% of patients taking cod liver oil had zero or significantly reduced levels of a cartilage-destroying enzyme.

Based on these results, researchers believe cod liver oil can reduce enzymes that destroy cartilage and reduce the amount of enzymes that cause pain - both very significant findings for this marine oil.

The Benefits of Cod Liver Oil on Arthritis

Germany - When doctors gave rheumatoid arthritis patients 1 gram capsule of cod liver oil every day for 3 months they found they experienced a 52% decrease in morning stiffness and a reduction in swollen joints. These same patients also felt their joint pain reduced by over 60%.

Another study from Norway showed people with musculoskeletal pain experienced less pain when they took cod liver oil.

Furthermore, a study from Iceland found women who supplemented their diets with cod liver oil experienced improved bone mineral density.

Editorial Comments on Using Cod Liver Oil for Joint Pain:

couple jogging

Cod Liver Oil may
help joint pain

The above studies indicate there may be benefits of using cod liver oil on osteoarthritis and joint pain.

The important factor is determining the appropriate dosage that will produce beneficial effects. A number of these studies used different dosage amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and cod liver oil.

Remember that cod liver oil contains high amounts of vitamin D. This vitamin is crucial for calcium absorption and maintaining strong bones. Learn more about the health benefits of vitamin D and its use in promoting bone health, the recommended daily allowances, food sources and how to avoid getting too much.

Interested in learning more about using healthy oils on joint pain? Read my webpage Using Fish Oils On Arthritis. This bounty from the sea may be one treat we could all use for healthy, pain-free joints.

Nutritional therapy for arthritis is still experimental - even using cod liver oil on osteoarthritis. Following a healthy diet and moderate exercise is beneficial to maintaining and strengthening your bones and joints. Consult your doctor before making any changes to your treatment plan.

Discover a Breakthrough for Natural Joint Pain Relief!

I recently came across a nutritional supplement for joint health called cetyl myristoleate. Cetyl myristoleate is actually a derivative of nutmeg and its primary ingredient is myristic acid, a fatty acid also found in virgin coconut oil.

Cetyl myristoleate is reported to reduce joint pain, lubricate joints and may actually help prevent the onset of arthritis.

This substance is marketed under the trademark name CM8. Manufacturers of CM8 base their research on two clinical studies where they concluded CM8 is a viable treatment for arthritis and joint pain.

Cetyl myristoleate (CM8) is 100% natural and is reported to not cause any side effects commonly associated with non-steroidal drugs used for joint pain such as bleeding, ulcers or liver damage.

CM8 is available from a small number of nutritional supplement companies. One product that's very popular is Flexcin , marketed by Flexcin International.

Please remember to consult your health care provider or doctor before using any nutritional supplement or natural product.

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