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Have you used Emu Oil?

This is one of my favorite skin oils for moisturizing and healing. I think it supplies the skin with an excellent source of nutritious fatty acids not found in many skin care lotions.

Research shows emu oil actually penetrates the skin to promote healing, moisturize and fight inflammation. What more could you ask for in a natural skin oil?.

This forum is made for you to ask all your questions and get the answers you want.

If you've used emu oil and want to share how it's helped you, this is also the place to offer your tips and give your comments.

You can also help others because we all share a common goal for natural healing.

Everyone is welcome. Thanks for asking your question or sharing your tip.

Questions/Comments about Emu Oil?

Emu oil is a natural source of fatty acids that fight inflammation and promote healthy skin. Have you used emu oil or do you have questions about it? Please share your comments or questions here. Tell your story in the form below and I'll be happy to publish it.

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Using emu oil on lichen planus 
Has anyone any experience in using emu oil on lesions caused by lichen planus, ie on skin, vulva and scalp? I am particularly interested in its anti-inflammatory …

Emu Oil for Crohn's and Digestive Issues 
Can anyone direct me to research specifically in the ingestion of emu oil for digestive disorders such as IBS, IBD (Cronh's and ulcerative colitis). …

Emu Oil and Dogs Not rated yet
I had actually ordered this product to use on my greyhound dog's coat. Her coat is dry and flaky and we live in a dry desert area. After using it on …

Using Emu Oil for Hair and Scalp Not rated yet
Can you tell me if emu oil can be used for hair growth? Can it be used alone or should it be mixed in any other oil? If not, how can it be used? Please …

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