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Have you used Virgin Coconut Oil?

This nutritious oil is one of the most versatile dietary oils in the world. Free of trans-fatty acids and non-hydrogenated, it's been shown to help balance and maintain healthy cholesterol levels, moisturize the skin and deep condition dry hair. It's one of my favorite skin oils for moisturizing and I also add it to my diet.

This forum was created for you to ask all your questions and get the answers you want.

If you've used virgin coconut oil and want to share how it's helped you this is the place to offer your tips and give your comments.

You can also help others because we all share a common goal for natural healing.

Everyone is welcome. Thanks for asking your question or sharing your tip.

Questions/Comments about Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is a healthy tropical oil that offers many health benefits, including skin & hair care, weight loss and cooking. If you've used coconut oil or you have questions, please share them here. Tell your story in the form below and I'll be happy to publish it!

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How to make home-made virgin coconut oil 
I am interested in trying coconut oil for my creeping memory loss. I am 78. I live in the tropics with ample supplies of fresh coconuts. The traditional …

Naturally refined coconut oil 
My mother-in-law mentioned coconut oil was really good for your health and an excellent oil for frying. I picked a jar at the supermarket, but when she …

Coconut Oil is Best Treatment for Herpes (cold sores) 
I have been using virgin coconut oil for 5 years now to treat my herpes (cold sores) outbreaks. If I eat it regularly (at least 1 tablespoon per day), …

Coconut oil cleared staph infection 
I'd been battling with staph infections for over fifteen years. Nothing seems to work for me, except embarking on grueling months of antiseptic washes …

Will Coconut Oil Help With Hair Loss? 
Will coconut oil help with hair loss? I am so tired of weave extension in the top of crown. My hair used to be very full. So depressed to look at it and …

Virgin Coconut Oil is Great for Dogs 
I began giving my two Labrador retrievers each a big spoonful of organic EV coconut oil daily - their coats are super glossy - AND - the dogs no longer …

Can Coconut oil kill non MRSA Staph in the nose?  
Can topically applied extra virgin coconut oil or some other oils kill a Non-MRSA Staph colonization in the nose and prevent future colonizations when …

Experiences Using Coconut Oil for Different Skin Conditions 
I have been using virgin coconut oil for about six months. I cook with it, eat it right out of the jar and slather it on my body from head to toe. Before …

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