Experiences Using Coconut Oil For Different Skin Conditions

I love Coconut oil!

by Jen (Minneapolis, MN)

I have been using virgin coconut oil for about six months. I cook with it, eat it right out of the jar and slather it on my body from head to toe.

Before I shower I condition my hair with it, and apply to my whole body especially under my arms. Once in the shower I shampoo my hair and rinse my body. I do not use any product in the shower except the shampoo.

I no longer use soap or deodorant! I also have had a wart on my leg that since using virgin coconut oil it has diminished to about 1/4 it’s original size.

I can’t wait to see if it goes away entirely. All of my friends are getting a jar of virgin coconut oil for birthday gifts.

Virgin Coconut Oil Good for Skin and Health

by Jack (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)

I started taking VCO about 5 months ago after originally buying it for my hair and skin. I just couldn’t restrain myself from eating it – and now I am so glad I did! I take about one tablespoon a day and use it on my hair and all over my body.

Before I started taking it I had been having trouble with dry skin and hair and being itchy for years. Also my feet were always cold and I had to wear slippers to bed. I am 45 and I figured I was just getting old. But after reading about VCO and realizing that all the ladies in my family have some sort of thyroid problems I realized that it was probably helping normalize my thyroid function.

Now I am hardly ever cold, and my skin doesn’t itch and my hair is no longer dry! Also, I look younger!

Using Coconut Oil on Dry Skin by Tammy

I’ve been using the coconut oil on my hair and skin. Love it on my hair. I have long, very thick, very coarse, curly hair and anything that seems to help it is expensive, so I love the oil on my hair.

I am using it on my skin and once I put it on it feels soft to the touch but if I bend over or do anything that tightens the skin, my skin feels like it’s itchy and dry, almost like there is nothing there.

I talked to the ladies at the health food store and they thought maybe that the cells were shrinking or maybe I haven’t done it long enough to penetrate the layers of skin. I’ll try putting it on while still damp out of the shower before drying off, maybe that will help. I will continue for awhile and see what happens.

It’s just aggravating when I apply it, then lay on my stomach in bed to read and my back itches and feels like it’s drying up. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.

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