Coconut Oil Cleared My Staph Infection

by Janet (Buderim, Australia)

I’d been battling with staph infections for over fifteen years. Nothing seems to work for me, except embarking on grueling months of antiseptic washes that would kill all the good bacteria as well as the bad. I’d tried peroxide, manuka honey (which actually made it worse!), and essential oils. Nothing helped. Sometimes, the best thing seemed to be, to do nothing! Fine if it was a mild infection. But a bad idea, if it was severe it would mean back to another eight month course of antiseptic washes. There seemed to be nothing that could help me.

Then I read about extra virgin coconut oil, and how it kills staph and bad bacteria, but protects good bacteria. I was nervous to try it and put the idea off for weeks. But then a severe infection I’d been battling for over 12 months suddenly worsened. I got desperate! I applied the coconut oil, and for the first few days, it seemed to get worse. So after a few more days, I stopped. Then within 48 hours, the entire rash spontaneously cleared up, and I had beautiful clear skin and the rash didn’t come back. After this, I tried it on a milder infection elsewhere, and a few days of coconut oil, and it cleared up, too! Well, I have no more infections to treat. But I no longer fear a staph break out, as I know how to knock an infection on the head, just like that! I have the answer!

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