Using Oil of Oregano for Food Allergies

by Shyami – (Toronto, Ontario)

My husband has food allergies. Can I use Oil of Oregano for allergies?



re: Using Oil fo Oregano for Food Allergies

Research shows that food allergies may occur when your immune system reacts to certain proteins in certain foods. The substances in the food that triggers this immune-system response are called allergens.

Your immune system may mistake these allergens as harmful and attack it by releasing antibodies. These antibodies will circulate through your blood and attach to cells called mast cells. The mast cells will release histamine; which may cause inflammation, swelling of the skin, itchiness and hives.

Although there are no prescription medications available to specifically treat food allergies, there are drugs available to treat your symptoms. The treatment will depend on how severe your food allergies are.

Antihistamines may help control mild symptoms. Asthma medications may be used to treat allergic reactions that affect breathing and epinephrine is used for life-threatening reactions. Most doctors will recommend avoiding the specific food allergen that causes reactions.

But can you use Oil of Oregano for food allergy symptoms? One of the health benefits of Oil of Oregano is it contains a substance called Rosmarinic Acid; a powerful antihistamine and antioxidant.

I have used Oil of Oregano to help reduce hay fever symptoms. I would place a few drop under my tongue and allow it to be absorbed sublingually.

There’s no guarantee this type of treatment will work for your specific food allergies. You should also know there are no documented studies or research looking at using Oil of Oregano as an antihistamine for food allergies.

I hope this information is helpful. Good luck and please let me know if you have any success with using Oil of Oregano or other treatments to help with your food allergies.



Oil of Oregano and Allergies

by: Elina

The Oil of Oregano should be carefully used in allergies. The Oil of Oregano kills dozens of types of bacteria, both gram positive & negative (including intestinal bacteria). The immune system starts in the gut and most allergies start there. The good bacteria actually triggers the digestion of foods and is also the first line in immunity.

If I were ill, I would first take just enough Oil of Oregano to kill everything – and then stop taking it and work very hard with lots of live good bacteria, special clay, greens and colors, carotenoids, marine algae, small amountt of seeds to recover from the intestinal wiping out. I would also take liver cleansing herbs and systemic enzyme therapy.

In regards to histamines; some people have high histamines and some people have low histamines. Check out symptoms of antihistamine drugs and compare with your own usual state (dry or wet mouth, etc). It is harmful to take antihistamines if you don’t need them. Also in the same person, histamine release can go up and down. Mushrooms, onion, vitamin C and artichoke is great stuff. Homeopathy is great stuff but it’s hard to find a really good one.


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