Using Oil of Oregano for Scleroderma

by Denise Marcoccia (East Setauket, NY)

I have scleroderma and have been told there is no cure but have read about people who have been cured with low dose antibiotics. This is great, except you become unable to ward off other problems with long term use.

I wondered if Oil of Oregano is the answer to this horrible life-threatening problem. I have been taking Oil of Oregano for about 3 weeks and I have to say my flare ups are less frequent and when I have them my symptoms are less severe. I also feel like I have more energy.

I will continue to use this and any other natural source to get well. I believe we have all of the resources we need for our health and well-being right in our own backyards!



Using Oil of Oregano and My Immune System

by: Kim

Hello Denise: I have a type of schleroderma called LS which affects the genital area – not fun! Also have autoimmune of the thyroid. Have been researching the studies and have found that a type of bacteria in the tissues of these diseases are acid-fact Bacilli. They wonder if it is a bacteria that starts the whole thing. Well I just started taking Oregano Oil and am hoping that given the information of above that it will kill the bacteria since it kills a lot of super bugs. I am hoping this works. I think oregano is a start, avoiding all foods that are man-made is another idea. GO RAW…I feel better already.


Reply: by: Mrs. T

I have scleroderma and have been doing research also. I’ve currently had luck with Kyolic garlic caps 3 x day and raw garlic for a UTI. Pain went away the first day. When I stopped taking it pain came back, went back on it-pain went away. So I’m going to take it for 2 weeks. It got rid of Candida and white tongue before! I want to try oregano oil but I am concerned about taking it with my acid med-Nexium or I may switch to compounded Prevacid with no sugar. I’d like to share research info on scleroderma with you Kim. I also have thyroid autoimmune issue.



Scleroderma and Oregano Oil

by: Mrs. T

Hi Denise, I also have scleroderma. I want to take oregano oil too, but I’m concerned about the right dosage. How much did you take for the 3 weeks? Did you start at that dose or lower? Were you using drops or capsule? How many mg? Were you on Nexium, Prevacid or any other acid med? I’ve read so many good things about Oregano. I really want to try it. Thanks for sharing!



Using Oil of Oregano for Progressive Systemic Scleroderma with Crest

by: C Lawson

I have been dealing with PSS with Crest for 11 years and alternatives have reversed most of my symptoms. The doctors only gave me 5 to 10 years to live at the initial diagnosis. I figured I might as well try alternatives since the doctors were only suggesting palliative care (i.e. they keep you comfortable till you die). I also have Celiac disease and thyroid disease.

I just started oil of oregano because of a tick bite that developed with bulls-eye redness. It was suggested by a D.O. since I have allergies to most antibiotics. It has caused some of my scleroderma symptoms to flair up. I think the doctor started at too high a dose (4 drops, 4X a day). I am backing it down to 2 drops, 2X a day to try and calm my immune system, and then I’ll slowly increase it again.

I’m probably experiencing some kind of die off reaction, but proceed carefully if you have a scleroderma diagnosis and are trying oil of oregano…go slow! I’m hoping this will help in overcoming the last of my scleroderma symptoms as well as the nasties from the tick bite.

BTW…a word of encouragement…scleroderma can be overcome. I’ve talked with others who were in terrible shape who have turned their scleroderma around with alternatives. One lady was pronounced cured after years of blood test monitoring by her doctor. With God’s help, it can be done.


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