Reviews on Using Oil of Oregano on Cold Sores

I have tried and used everything for my cold sores. All of the top name brands and an antibiotic. Nothing works. I still have the cold sore for about 7 to 10 days depending on how quick I get the medicine on. BUT, Oil of Oregano, speeds my healing time of the cold sore by about 5 days. I feel the onset ( tingling) feeling of the cold sore, I take 3 drops orally, every morning while the cold sore is coming. My cold sore never gets really big like they usually do.



re: Using Oil of Oregano on Cold Sores
Thanks for sharing your results with us. There is some interesting research on oregano oil and herpes showing that ingredients found in the plant’s oils can actually ‘break-open’ the herpes virus cell-membrane, thus destroying the actual virus.

Additionally, researchers looked at clove essential oil’s antiviral properties against herpes. Clove essential oil also contains carvacrol and thymol – the same ingredients found in Oil of Oregano. The scientists found clove essential oil exerts antiviral properties against the herpes virus. This may explain how Oil of Oregano may have reduced the severity of your herpes outbreaks. Thanks again for your comments and please keep us up to date on your progress.



by: Anonymous

Have not had a cold sore in 10 years, then recently got the flu. My entire mouth broke out. I’m a big herbal remedy user, so I used wild oil of oregano. I have used this for a multitude of other things as well. Well, sorry but I used it diligently and still look awful. I think they just have to run their course. The numbing agent in the oil does help and quite possibly prevents more of an outbreak, but they go through stages and that’s just the way it is. You’re looking at at least 7 to 10 days of misery.



On Contrary….

by: Anonymous

If the cold sore is already in full blown progress and winning the war, NO medication is going to help it get a lot better, but it will stop it from getting much worse and start the healing process.Know this – cold sores originate in the back of the mouth, where your top and bottom jaws meet at the hinge. The cold sore virus lives there. The ‘good army’ white blood cells and immune system keep it there, fighting it continually, until another ‘war’ breaks out somewhere else in your body – like a cold, for instance. They rush off to fight that, and whamo! The cold sore (herpes) virus gets a clear path to race to the front lines and erupt in jubilation – a cold sore.

Sometimes it can be simple stress in your life that allows the virus to come forward as your immune system deals with your stress, which is why sometimes we get a cold sore but no other ‘symptoms’.

My partner gets the “Daffy Duck” syndrome – a huge lip and facial area, and very painful. We researched – zinc does wonders. He uses “Lipactin” cold sore medication at the first tingle and it greatly reduces the effects of the herpes. Sometimes the sore doesn’t even come out.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE oil of oregano for its many benefits in the human and animal world. I am a touring musician and it sure has saved me over and over again from the many colds, viruses and infections that I encounter. We will be adding it to our cold sore remedies for my partner.

It has just helped my dog’s ear infection, and I cannot stress enough how many times it has stopped viruses in their tracks for me. I work in the school system too, on call, and I am around strep throat, viral bronchitis and oftentimes, influenza.

As I said, as soon as I feel the first signs, I take the oil of oregano (drops in my mouth, down my throat, under my tongue) and I never get the virus.


Oregano Oil is great for cold sores.
by: A. Williams

I’m a victim of those awful cold sores! After hearing about and using Oil of Oregano, I’m not a victim anymore : ) One drop at the first sight of a pimple will save you of an embarrassing week. Oil of Oregano is my personal Dr. in a bottle.


Does it cure the Herpes Virus
by: Anonymous

I’ve been reading an article posted by Samir Sasani who swears that Ethical Care Extra Strength Oregano Oil will actually kill the Herpes Virus in your body after using it for 7 days with every meal – he says it will eliminate it completely. Has anyone found this to be true?



Oil of Oregano is Truly Amazing!
by: Matthew

Truly one of natures best kept secrets. I have been using Ethical Cares Oil of Oregano on and off for awhile now. I would recommend to take it no longer than 2 weeks and make sure you take a probiotic as the Oregano Oil is not very selective in what it takes out. I have never used the oil of oregano to cure herpes but I have heard it’s one of the best to knock it out. For me it cured my eczema that I had been suffering for years.



Using Oil of Oregano for Herpes
by: awgurl

I’ve used the extra strength oregano and have found my symptoms actually worsened in the beginning. This came as a complete shock until I read more on the web and found it to be ‘die- off’ symptoms, worse-before-better. So now it’s been about 2 weeks now and it looks like I’m getting some major benefits since the symptoms are improving after, bloody oath, 18 months of suffering.



Using Oregano Oil to Stop Herpes Ever Coming Back
by: Anonymous

I started using oregano oil, Monday night 21.12.2013 it’s now Wednesday and it has brought out more blisters “worse before it gets better stage”. The oil soothes the itching/burning/ hot feeling that the blisters do to your skin. At first the oil tingles a bit but soon soothes the skin for a few hours. I also take three drops under the tongue and drink more water to help flush the system.

I first had an episode in 2005. then it came back in 2010 and 2012/13 the 12/13 episode is because i went through an extremely stressful part of my life and the herpes is the aftermath of my body completely stressed, not eating and not sleeping properly.

I think this stuff is going to work. I feel healthier, my skin everywhere else feels healthy and smooth and clean I guess that’s from the oral drops. I feel more focused too.


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