Does Oil of Oregano Raise Blood Pressure

By Anonymous:

I am not a scientist, and I am new to using herbal remedies, but I have high blood pressure that is currently controlled with medication. I started taking Oil of Oregano a week ago, and my first dosage sent my BP through the roof.

I had a screaming headache for almost two days. However, I continued using the O of O, and there are no signs of side effects now. I no longer get any headaches, and actually, I feel great! It has been one week now.

I do think there is something there that can affect folks with hypertensive tendencies initially, but from my own experience, it seems to go away after a couple of days. Again, I’m no scientist. Just my own .02 cents. Good luck!

Reply: Heart Beat Flutter By: Cecilia

I started taking oregano oil about a month ago. I started with just 1 drop a day and increased slowly to 4 a day. Although candida seems to be more under control, there were new problems appearing.

Since I am also in a new diet I did not link the strange feeling in my heart to the oregano oil. I kept on having it.

This last week it has been worst, my heart beats flutter most of the time, it feels like bubbly palpitations and I feel weak. Then the feeling goes away and I am fine, only to come back again.

Today I woke up with my right eye all red with an obvious broken blood vessel and I got scared. I have not taken my blood pressure as only now reading your site I suspect this could be the problem. I normally have somehow low blood pressure.

I have stopped taking the oregano oil. I hope it all comes back to normal soon.


I Can’t Believe these Other Comments: By: James

I’ve been taking 1500 mg of oil of oregano, two per day at the same time totalling 3000 mg. My blood pressure is 122/65 and heart rate 53 BPM. I take about 30 supplements a day.

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms described by others, trust me, it’s not the Oil of Oregano. Go see a doctor because oregano is not going to make your heart flutter or raise your blood pressure.

Oregano oil actually increases blood flow and kills fungus so if anything it will lower your blood pressure…not raise it.

I also take 2 blood pressure medications a day; my blood pressure used to be 190 over 113. Since then I turned into a health nut and a pro-active person.

Hope this has been helpful.


What a Relief! By: Mel

My doctors are worried about my blood pressure. It has gone up as of this year to the point where I now have use a machine to monitor it every day. I am 48 and have a family history of hypertension but I have never ‘all of the sudden’ had high blood pressure before.

The Oil of Oregano I use is undiluted and ‘over 80%’ carvacrol concentration. I am currently using 5 drops per capsule (homemade with olive oil) and taking three caps per day to knock out strep throat.

But as someone who is very sensitive to medications, I would rather take antibiotics for this than to have high blood pressure. And I, too, have been having palpitations. This is way too scary.

I was relived to find this article – and great website – and read the comments from others with similar experiences. I am going to stop the Oil of Oregano today and will try to follow up with my results.

Reply: By: Anonymous

I have been taking Oil of Oregano for about 3 weeks and have been increasing my dosages. The oregano oil is 100% concentration. I took 7 drops this morning and then my heart started to flutter. It’s really scary!

I then took my blood pressure and it is 146 / 106 and pulse was 92. That is not good; I am not sure if it is the Oil of Oregano or not.

I was actually researching whether the oregano oil can lower my blood pressure and I ended up on this sight about how it could possibly raise my blood pressure.

Reply: By: Kevin

I did some research and found one published study on Oil of Oregano and blood pressure.

Researchers found 100 mcg/kg. of carvacrol caused a decrease in heart rate, mean arterial pressure, and diastolic and systolic pressures in anesthetized rats.

The study didn’t indicate how much the pressures decreased. Of course rats are different than humans. But if we convert this to humans, this dosage is equivalent to a 70 kg. person taking almost 7 grams of carvacrol.

How much carvacrol do you get in the average Oil of Oregano dosage?

Depending on the brand of oregano oil, 4 drops of oil will yield about 13 mg. of carvacrol and a 150 mg. softgel may contain up to 7 mg. of carvacrol.

Researchers found no effects on blood pressure at dosages of 1, 10 and 20 mcg/kg in animal studies. It appears that taking excessively high dosages of Oil of Oregano may cause changes to some individuals’ blood pressures, but there are no documented human studies to prove this.

To be safe, consult you healthcare provider when using any nutritional supplement and don’t exceed the recommended dosages suggested by the manufacturer.

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