Oil of Oregano as Insect Repellant and Bites

by Marilyn (Vermont)

My favorite use of oil of oregano is a natural bug spray for my household plants. I add a few drops of oil of oregano to a spray bottle of plant water and then spray my household plants with a light misting. It’s a great natural pesticide and it helps keep aphids away from my plants.


Using Oil of Oregano as Natural Mosquito and Bug Repellent

– by Trish (Osoyoos, Canada)

When purchasing oil of oregano at the health food store I was advised to dilute with water in a spray bottle and it will work as a great fly/mosquito repellent…How much of each?



Hi Trish – I think a good mixture is 5 – 6 drops of Oil of Oregano added to 500 mls of water in a spray bottle. You can adjust the strength of your natural bug repellent by adding more or less Oil of Oregano to the water.

Remember to avoid getting Oil of Oregano in your eyes if you’re using it as a mosquito repellent. I accidentally got a small amount of oil in my eyes and it can be really painful. Also, natural doesn’t always mean safe. Some people may be allergic to oregano so it’s advised they avoid exposure to Oil of Oregano just to be safe. Good luck and I hope this natural bug repellent works for you. ~ Kevin


Using Oil of Oregano and Mites?

– by Pam K. (Saskatchewan, Canada)

I have been having bacterial issues and now boils that my doctor say are related. Also itchy skin (mites according to the doctor.) He said to wash everything in hottest water possible and to spray my bed with Raid, YIKE? I was wondering if anyone tried using oil of oregano in a spray bottle of water to spray their mattress? I have been so very healthy my whole life and rarely go to the doctor. I have cleared up one boil only to now be getting another right beside it. The pain can be debilitating. So I started applying the oil straight to the boil but also taking it with my milk 3-5 times a day. I am now on day two; the boil is not hurting as bad and I am not as itchy. I am hoping that it will only get better from here on out.


Using Oil of Oregano on Insect Bites

– by Lynn Prince (Sonora, Mexico)

I live in Mexico and have been bit twice by a scorpion. I immediately have a severe reaction where my hand swelled within minutes about 3 times its normal size and I was in excruciating pain. I put Oil of Oregano on it and in less than 5 minutes all the swelling was gone, and the pain was gone. My hand did remain numb, though, for about 24 hours and I felt fine. The second time I was bit, I had the same reaction and same response when I put the oil on the bit.

Amazing on spider bites also. My termite man uses it on Black Widow and Brown Recluse bites. He carries it with him on every job and applies it the minute he is bit. He has never had to be hospitalized.

I also used it as a pain killer years ago when I had Lyme Disease. It is a natural antibiotic, and I stopped taking the antibiotics and just used Oil of Oregano and it killed the Lyme and Candida and was highly effective as a pain killer.


Oil of Oregano is the Miracle, Multi-purpose Oil…

by Susan (Destin, florida)

I have used Oil of Oregano quite extensively, and for many different situations. First, I have used it to kill huge roaches called Palmetto bugs down here in Florida. I get a spray bottle fill it with water, put about 15 drops or more depending on the size of the bottle and they hurry away to die, with the use of harmful, toxic products (peppermint oil works well, too). I have had great success using it to kill a toe nail fungus. I used it faithfully for over a month, twice a day, applying it with a q-tip. I have also used it in cooking. like when making a stew or soup. Just add a drop or two, and it wakes up the flavor of whatever you put it in. When I first used it, I wasn’t careful with it and it burned my mouth and lips. Now, I know that I must mix it with a carrier oil, before applying it topically to my face. I have also used it diluted heavily with water as a feminine rinse.


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