Anyone had Experience with Arctic Essentials Fish Oils?

by Brian (Athens, GA, USA)


I am considering starting a Fish Oil/Omega 3 routine and have heard a lot about Arctic Essentials being one of the few Pharmaceutical-Grade products available. Judging by this site’s review of Zone Lab’s products, I would have thought they would have been impressed by the Artic Essentials claim of EPA and DHA levels per dose.

They claim to offer 700mg of EACH! That in addition to 200mg more from “other types”. That’s a total concentration of 1600mg per cap! Is there a reason why you don’t review or recommend this product? They’re a little high in price, but if they are as good as they say, I would buy them. Are they?



I love Arctic Essentials by: geoffrey

I actually really like Arctic Essentials. I have never had any problems with the count in the box. I originally purchased through a radio ad and did sign up for auto-refill, but cancelled after 2 refills – this did reduce the price but I actually found it on Amazon cheaper.

As for the benefits, it has dramatically helped to reduce my bad cholesterol levels and improve my good levels. As a side effect, it also helped with an eczema condition I had been suffering from for a while.

I was allergic to fish and have now been able to consume some fish in addition to the pills. As I see it, take what makes you happy. I noticed this site because I was following up on a Dr. Oz show my mom told me about suggesting some fish oil supplements were not as good as others. I googled fish oil comparisons, and NONE compared themselves to this product. That seems fishy to me – excuse the pun!



Beware by: Lacon

Think at least twice about ordering Arctic Essentials. To begin with, when you order on the phone, they try to sell you a zillion other things and, if you’re not careful, you will have ordered something you didn’t want (and they will have you on tape as having ordered it).

Finally, after using the product for about a month, I don’t feel any benefit what so ever from taking it. It sounded like great stuff in the ad, but in actuality, I couldn’t see or feel ANY difference. I felt better with the stuff I bought at Walgreen’s. My advice: if you want Omega-3, buy it from a reputable store. These guys will hose you at every opportunity.



Arctic Essentially a rip-off by: Jeff

Arctic Essentials fish oil capsules are over-rated at best. Not only are they NOT the most concentrated available, they are WAY over-priced. The claims of 700 mg DHA & 700 mg EPA are for TWO capsules, and these claims are unsubstantiated.

I currently use capsules that have a combined EPA/DHA Omega-3 content of 900 mg per capsule, (they have been tested by an independent lab) and they cost less than $20 for 150 capsules. Arctic Essentials from Urban Nutrition would cost $150.00 for 180 capsules.

At my Dr.’s recommended dosage of combined EPA/DHA, I would need to take 8 per day of Arctic Essentials compared to 3 per day of my current brand. That’s $6.67 a day compared to about $0.40 a day!



After taste concerns & Omegaberry? by: Christy

I am so glad I found this site to make my decision on fish oil regimen. Late night TV advertises the Omegaberry, is this a good source for fish oil? Seemed quite a bit pricier. My thing is any fish aftertaste/burping fish oil would be a deal breaker for me. I have a sensitive stomach and hate any form of fish and burping up any fish taste would be horrific for me. Thanks for a reply.



A good brand of fish oil by: Anonymous

I recently found a site called They sell a Sockeye Salmon fish oil that has been giving me good results. Even though the EPA and DHA amounts seem low for a 3 capsule serving, 240mg EPA and 220mg DHA for a total of 460 mg. I was previously using the NSI brand from Vitacost but never really saw any benefits. Maybe it’s the other ingredients in the capsules that are helping with the results. The price is very good – a bottle of 90 softgels is $24.00. I would tell anyone to give them a try.



Better options out there by: Anonymous

Be careful when dealing with these guys. We have been taking the fish oil and no complaints with it, however, we haven’t noticed any of the wild claims made on the website.

Their packing is not in a sealed bottle and the first two boxes we ordered we were short on the count. One box was 2 pills short the other was 36! They did send us new boxes once we contacted them, however, I wonder how often that happens and if most people bother to count.

They have a service called auto-refill that you can setup for where they will send you new boxes and charge your card. We didn’t sign up for this, however, they billed my card anyways and sent us a refill. I am currently dealing with customer support to get my money back. Getting mixed signals from this as it sounds like they are only offering ‘product credit’ and not my cash! I am trying to clarify but have had no luck getting my money back in over two months.

I also started getting SPAM after my first purchase. I think there are safer alternatives. BUYER BEWARE.



Arctic Essentials is overpriced by: Vitamin Man

Be careful — the product is good and has no fishy after-taste. But when you try to get a refund within the trial period it can be difficult and 1 day after the 30 day trial forget it — a real headache to deal with.

Go to for great quality products including no after-taste fish oils and the prices are very good. And the customer service is excellent.



Arctic Essentials Fish Oil is a Fraud by: Royal

My experience with Arctic Essentials was that it was over priced compared to similar products and did not perform as advertised. But what really upset me was that Arctic Essentials sold my customer information, my name, address, phone number and MY VISA CARD NUMBER, to another company that hit my account 3 times for small amounts of money. Proceed with caution before doing business with them. Your personal information is not safe once you place an order.


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