My Experience Using Coconut Oil on Frizzy Curly Hair

I grew up in an Indian household, where coconut oil was used a lot. Unlike the rest of my family, I was a bit skeptical about using it. I started getting a slightly dry, itchy scalp and didn’t like the harsh dandruff shampoo I was using, so I tried using coconut oil. It really helped my scalp more than the other shampoos ever did. It also repaired damage from my constant hair straightening and blow drying. Most importantly the coconut oil almost completely eliminated my frizzy hair. This is definitely something everyone must try.

Coconut Oil is Great for Curls


About every 2 months, my dyed-blonde naturally curly long hair starts getting really frizzy. When I notice this happening, I’ll spend 5 minutes right before bed, rubbing coconut oil into my hair. I put it on dry and rub it through until all my hair is coated. I then leave it on overnight, and rinse it out in the morning (no shampoo). I then let it dry naturally. Voila! The frizz is gone, and my natural curls look glossy and extra curly. The first day the curls are fairly heavy, but the next day (after another rinse) they are perfect. No gel required for about a week, and then I start using gel again (until the next coconut oil treatment).


Coconut Oil is Great for Curly , Frizzy Hair

by Ellen

I have been using virgin coconut oil on my hair now for one year and let me tell you, it is great! I have naturally curly hair past my shoulders. After I shampoo my hair with sulfate- free, paraben-free shampoo (Organix makes an awesome coconut shampoo and conditioner duo. It has real coconut oil and cream in them.) I wrap my hair in a soft tee shirt, not a towel because towels will frizz your hair like crazy. I then take a dime sized amount of coconut oil, rub my hands together and then starting from the ends of my hair, I work my way up to my earlobes. Do not go past your ears. Your scalp does not need the oil. I then proceed to air dry my hair and when it starts to form a curl, I then use my diffuser on low heat and coax the curl from the ends of my hair. No frizz and no fly-aways – just shiny gorgeous hair.


Using coconut oil for hair means no more “Anti-Frizz” serums!

by Christina
(New York)

I’ve been using coconut oil for a little over a year for cooking; before I incorporated it into my diet I did a bunch of research. I kept coming across using coconut oil as a skin moisturizer, and then finally as a hair conditioner. It’s worked so well for everything else that I decided to try it for my hair.

I can’t believe how amazing it is! I’m not sure if the way I’m using it is “correct”, but I basically apply a little bit to towel-dried hair, the way I used to use anti-frizz serum. Now with the coconut oil, I allow my hair to air dry and not only is it not frizzy, it’s virtually PERFECT! Nobody can believe that my hair air dries the way it does, and it looks like I really spent time doing it!

EVERYONE should coconut oil for their hair – and skin, and for cooking!! The touted benefits truly are experientially justified!


Coconut oil works wonders for curly hair!

by Angela

I have tried almost every gel and moose and cream out there. My hair is curly and very frizzy that all the products I would use just would make my hair limp. I finally found out about coconut oil last summer and decided I had nothing to loose. It has been a blessing to know that the oil is conditioning while it styles my hair. I use just a dime-size amount after I wash my hair and it holds and forms my curls beautifully. I don’t need any gel, moose, or spray and it also works wonders on frizz. Try it and you will see the difference and never go back to all those damaging styling products. My personal favorite is Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Oil for around 6 dollars and it lasts a long time.


My Silky Coconut hair

by Nanette
(Grand Rapids MI)

Coconut oil is great for hair conditioning because it stopped the breakage I was having. My hair was frizzy and breaking, and I don’t want to pay the high prices that salons have to deep condition. So I researched and found coconut oil, the Organic kind, and the first time I used it was WOW results. I couldn’t believe what I had done to my hair. It is now silky and soft like natural hair. I make sure I use it once a week. It costs $10 a jar of organic coconut oil and it will last you a very long time. Well worth it.


As A Regular Hair Conditioner/Detangler

by Bebe
(Paris France)

I am on a tight budget lately (living in Paris, France) and I stopped buying hair conditioner to detangle my hair after shampooing. I have been using coconut oil for many things: moisturizing, eating it for health benefits, on my face to remove makeup and prevent wrinkles, on my belly and breasts to prevent stretch marks from my pregnancy, I also use it in “oil pulling”.  I thought I would give it a try in the shower.  I wash my hair once a week and after I definitely need something to de-tangle my loose curly thick hair.  I put a little on the bottom of my hair and I de-tangle with a wide tooth comb with no problem. Then I just wash off with a little water. My hair looks great once it dries and the curls hold for several days.  I definitely will try it as a deep conditioner too.


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