Using Coconut Oil on Dry Damaged Hair

by Lia
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I did a bit of research about the benefits of coconut oil last night and was surprised to find that it could repair dry and damaged hair. I blow dry and straighten my hair practically every day, and have done this for a couple of years. If I leave it to dry naturally, I end up with a giant poof of wavy frizz. However, the constant heat from the dryer and iron have left my hair dry, brittle, and filled with split ends.

I have tried Ojon Hair Products, which work pretty well, but are rather pricey. I jumped on the opportunity to try coconut oil instead. Before I went to bed, I found an old bottle of pure coconut oil that my dad had bought from Vietnam several years ago. I warmed it up in the microwave for a couple seconds and then coated my hair with the oil. Then i just tied it into a tight bun and went to sleep.

When I had my shower in the morning, my hair was noticeably softer and sleeker. There was less frizz, and the overall appearance of my hair was improved. After styling my hair, I touched up some stray hairs with a little dip of coconut oil, which worked really well to tame frizz, much like an anti-frizz serum you can buy off the shelves. So after just one night, the coconut oil has done wonders for my hair! I’m excited to try it again tonight!


Coconut oil is the best thing in the world for hair

by Keisha
(St Paul, MN, USA)

Using coconut oil REALLY does work. My hair was thinning and breaking really bad and now since I’ve been using coconut oil I have seen major improvement. I’m telling you…people don’t be scared get some coconut oil you’ll love it! Not to mention you only need to use a little bit.


Wow! Brittle to Super Soft Hair with One Application of Coconut Oil!

by Elaine Hinkle
(Richland, WA)

I just started using coconut oil for dry hair last week. I read so many awesome things about using coconut oil that I just had to get some.
I began using coconut oil on my dry eyelids and expanded to using it on my whole face, neck and body. There was a definite increase in the softness of my skin.

Thinking to myself, “Wow, if my skin became so much better in just 3 days (actually, after just one use), maybe my hair would benefit.” I’m 43 years old, going through menopause, and my hair is really thinning. At this stage, I figured my pretty hair was gone.

I put the oil in my hair, then wrapped plastic wrap around it. I then covered my whole head with a terry towel so that I wouldn’t get oil everywhere. I had lots of time so I left it on for about 6 hours. I had applied it to my dry unwashed hair, so I didn’t know what the results would be.  I then washed out the coconut oil with a cheap Suave shampoo and didn’t use any conditioner.  I couldn’t believe the results…my hair was INCREDIBLE!

After just one application of coconut oil, my thin dry hair became fuller, softer, shinier and more manageable than it has been in years!
My husband even noticed the difference in my hair and he doesn’t notice much. I will use coconut oil for the rest of my life…inside and out!

This product may seem expensive but a little goes a long way. If you count its benefits and all of the products it replaces you’ll realize the price is reasonable.
My daughter now wants me to do her hair after seeing the results I got and I’m also going to use it to soften her dry skin. I am thankful to God for creating the coconut.

It was just this week I prayed for help with my dry, itchy eyelids. And then I found coconut oil and it has been abundantly more than I could have asked for.
I got mine at a health food store and I do like the brand. I’ll probably try others to find the best one for me. If you’re thinking of using coconut oil, take my advice. My vote would be a resounding. Do it!


Coconut oil prevents hair burn during straightening.

by Ann
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Recently, I have experimented with many conditioners, silk products, etc. to use on my hair before straightening it. By far, the best product is the extra virgin coconut oil. Why? Because it retains it’s molecular structure even when heat is applied. Therefore, it prevents my hair from breaking when I apply the hot iron. My method: Apply about one-half tablespoon to dry hair, massaging it evenly throughout hair before straightening. Unbelievable results!


Goodbye bad hair days!

by Yvonne Fair
(Atlanta, GA)

I started using coconut oil on my relaxed African American hair about 18 months ago. I use it sparingly 2-3 times a week as a hair pomade and at least twice a month as a hot oil treatment. My hair has been transformed and is now silky, shiny, thicker and healthy. I used to have heavy shedding, split ends and breakage, but that is no longer the case. Because my hair is now so soft and silky, I can go longer between relaxers and it has grown from shoulder length to just above my bra line. Best of all — the dryness and brittleness is a thing of the past.

I get compliments on my hair all the time and my hair stylist now raves to her clients about the benefits of using coconut oil. Thanks so much for all the helpful information on your website. I now have a beautiful, healthy head of hair and I have your website to thank for it!

Here’s more testimonials from someone using coconut oil on African American hair.


I Love Virgin Coconut Oil for Hair

I have blonde dyed hair which was badly damaged. It is thin and fine and broke easily. The coconut oil repaired years of damage. I put in all through my hair each morning and leave for an hour or so to absorb. Then rinse in the shower and “wash” with conditioner. I haven’t used shampoo in about 6 months. My hair looks and feels fantastic! I also put a little on the ends while damp before styling. No need for any “product” to style.


Coconut Oil for Hair is a Miracle Worker

by Cynthia

I started using coconut oil approximately 3-4 months ago. My hair was severely damaged from many years of perms. I could tell a difference after my very first use. When I would go to the beauty shop she would have to trim my split ends each visit because they were so damaged, but now my ends don’t split anymore and my hair has grown and thickened up significantly. I get compliments on a daily basis and that’s a far cry from thinking that my hair was beyond repair. Another bonus of coconut oil is it is a humidity blocker, I’ve used many products that claimed to be but coconut is true to its word!


Using coconut oil on dry breaking brittle hair

by Rose
(Kailua Kona, HI USA)

I have always had great shiny full hair. I’ve received compliments on my hair all my life. However recently my hair was becoming very dry and brittle. Every time I brush my hair there is broken pieces all over the floor. My hair looked like a frizz ball and I have shoulder length hair. Two nights ago I rubbed 100% pure coconut oil through my hair and went to bed. I repeated this again on a 2nd night. I washed my hair each morning. I could see a difference after the first morning. The second morning my hair is looking soft, shiny and healthy again! My hair really absorbed the coconut oil. It did not feel very greasy in the morning, like when I put it on at night…. I’m a believer in the benefits of Pure Coconut oil for hair and skin.


The end of frizzies!

by Jane Kessler

Yes, Coconut Oil works! I had frizzy, dry and broken off hair. I read about the health benefits of coconut oil by mouth and externally. So, now I sleep with Coconut Oil on my hair and face. I melt the coconut and take by mouth and take the soft gels. I am so excited and wish I had known about this in my 30’s. Get in on line…it is cheaper. LOVE IT!


Using coconut oil on hair is the best treatment I’ve used!

by Mary Krousso
(Durban, South Africa)

I was looking around for a hair dye when my boyfriend came up to me and told me if I want my hair to grow faster I should use coconut oil. I was more then keen seeing that I’ve tried almost everything! My hair was extremely dry and breaking at the ends, falling out and it just looked so unattractive! I’ve now been using it for about 2 months and I have soft, shiny much longer hair. I must say I was doubtful but it worked. I love my hair and what’s even better is that it doesn’t put a hole in my pocket! I do have a complaint though…I can’t seem to wash it off when I shampoo my hair. I have to at least shampoo 5 to 6 times in two consecutive days. Does anyone have any suggestions on which shampoo I could use? Other then that complaint I’d say coconut oil all the way! It works wonders!

Answer:  Here’s a tip from another visitor on how to rinse coconut oil from hair.


First Treatment Using Coconut Oil on Hair

by Toni
(Cedar Springs ,Mi, US)

Today was the first time I used coconut oil on my hair, and WOW…I’m shocked! It looks and feels fuller. I thought about cutting my hair really short because it’s really damaged with split ends, breakage from perms and coloring, and it feels dry as a bone.

I can’t get over how nice my hair feels after just one application of coconut oil. My hair has been thinning for some time and it had not had much body in it – it just was flat to my head.

After I washed my hair I thought to myself, “Let’s see what happens without any products in it.” It turned out better with coconut oil than when I use other products. I think I’ll start out using it twice a week (it’s really damaged) for a while & then use it once every week.


I can’t believe it’s my hair!

by Alexa
(Orem, UT, USA)

I’ve used coconut oil in my hair for the last few months…after a dye fiasco where my hair got trashed. I had horrible dry, cracked, frizzy, nightmare-ish hair. I tried other oils and conditioning products but was getting nowhere and quick. I wanted my normal hair back so badly. After listening to me complain for months about my hair my mom said enough is enough. We went to the store and bought coconut oil and she told me to put this in my hair. After one use it made my hair feel and look so much better!


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