Benefits of Coconut Oil on African American Hair

by Natasha Vincent (Montreal, CANADA)

I found that coconut oil is great for using on dreadlocks and braids. My daughter wears her hair in braids and for the past three years, I’ve used organic unrefined virgin coconut oil in her hair!

Adding coconut oil to her hair is a ritual that lasts all weekend. First we rinse her hair on Friday and then we allow it to air dry until her hair is damp. I then add about 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to her hair before she goes to bed while wearing a shower cap.

I will also wrap the shower cap with a micro fiber towel to stop any moisture from getting her pillow wet. When she gets up the next day I will wash her hair and it’s ready to be braided into a new style!

After wearing dreadlocks for almost 10 years, I’ve only used coconut oil for the past four and I’ll never go back! I really like the feeling in my hair and scalp after using coconut oil and I don’t have the need to use any of those hair conditioners to keep my hair soft and manageable.

Coconut Oil for Silky, Shiny Hair

by Chanttell
(Augusta, GA)

I am an African American woman with natural hair (no chemical treatment at all). After one use of coconut oil I noticed a difference in the texture and color or my hair. The coconut oil has left my hair softer and shinier without the look or feel of being greasy. My collar-length hair is much more manageable with less shedding. Not being completely convinced I tried the coconut conditioning a second time and the same results followed. I am convinced and will continue conditioning with coconut oil.

Formula: Now brand coconut oil and a shower cap. Rub hair liberally with coconut oil then place a shower cap on for approximately 30 minutes then shampoo.


Using Coconut Oil for Luscious, Full Hair

I am an African American woman with chemically-treated hair. After using coconut oil as a deep conditioner for the first time, I noticed my hair was shinier, appeared thicker and longer with more full of body and life. I have gotten so many compliments and have since recommended coconut oil to several others. I also wash my hair with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Creamy Shampoo on and love it as well.


Deep Conditioning with Coconut oil

by Brittany K.
(Athens, GA)

Yesterday was the first time I’d used coconut oil for conditioning my hair. I used the Nutiva brand (extra virgin, cold pressed,etc.) and I really like it. It didn’t take very much to coat my hair (I have shoulder length natural African-American hair (never permed)). I let it sit for about two hours. I rinsed with hot water first then cold water. I didn’t wash all of it out and I could tell after flat-ironing my hair b/c it was heavier than usual but I believe this could be fixed by rinsing longer next time. I could notice the softness of my hair after rinsing it and I love it. Hopefully the amount of oil in my hair will decrease soon so my hair will fly in the wind again (it also doesn’t look as full).


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Author Details
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