Guide to Oregano Oil for Herpes

oregano oil herpesCan you really use oregano oil to treat herpes infections and outbreaks?

In our article, A Closer Look at Oil of Oregano Ingredients, we learned that it contains two powerful anti-microbials called carvacrol and thymol.

These anti-microbial ingredients are reported to be effective against virus, fungi and even bacteria such as Staphylococcus infections, as well as E.Coli and Pseudomonas.

Current research shows that oregano oil may be more effective than some anti-viral medications for killing the herpes virus….



Herpes Medications May Not Actually Kill Herpes Virus

Traditional remedies for treating herpes includes anti-viral medications (such as Acyclovir) and over-the-counter topical lotions or creams.

Many of these medications for herpes work by preventing the virus from replicating. However, a possible problem is that some of these drugs don’t actually destroy the latent virus.

And further more, you could be unknowingly shedding the herpes virus while not showing any symptoms – even while taking your herpes medication.

University of Washington researcher, Dr. Christine Johnston, MD, claims that herpes drugs don’t stop herpes spread and states:

“Short episodes of genital (herpes virus) shedding occur frequently with anti-viral therapy, even for high-dose regimens….”

While these medications may help prevent the virus from spreading, the host virus is still laying dormant in your body, waiting to re-activate and spread at another time.

Another issue is these drugs may cause unwanted side effects, such as diarrhea, dizziness and even hair loss.



How does Oregano Oil Affect the Herpes Virus?

As mentioned above, many of the current therapies don’t actually kill the virus…they may only prevent it from replicating and spreading.

Studies indicate that Oregano oil has virucidal properties and it can actually kill certain viruses:

1. Researchers at the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences at University of Arizona published a study showing Oil of Oregano kills norovirus within 1 hour of exposure.

They found cavacrol actually destroys the virus capsid (the virus’ cell membrane) and then eradicates the virus by breaking down its RNA.


2. A study published in the 2017 Aug issue of Cellular and Molecular Biology concluded that ingredients in oregano oil are effective against Herpes Simplex Type 1 Virus.

In test studies comparing various essential oils, they found thymol had the strongest effect against the herpes virus

Researchers concluded that thymol could be an effective anti-viral agent for treatment of herpes infections when applied topically to the skin.


3. Scientists at Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan also found carvacrol and thymol have anti-viral activity against Herpes Simplex Type-1. They concluded it could be applied topically to the skin to help prevent the herpes virus from spreading.


4. Unfortunately, long-term treatment with anti-viral herpes medications can lead to the growth of drug-resistant herpes virus. However, Brazilian researchers found Mexican oregano oil is effective against acyclovir-resistant Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1.



Benefits of Using Oregano Oil for Herpes Infections

  • has been shown to actually kill the herpes virus
  • can help treat drug-resistant herpes

  • may help lessen the severity and frequency of herpes breakouts
  • can be taken by mouth or applied topically to herpes skin lesions

  • costs less than some expensive anti-viral prescription drugs

  • can help fight inflammation due to it’s anti-oxidant properties

  • may offer less side effects than prescription anti-viral drugs



How to Use Oil of Oregano for Herpes

While it’s beyond the scope of this article to suggest actual dosage amounts, some manufacturers and companies may provide Suggested Oil of Oregano Dosages on their ingredient labels.

You can take it internally via capsules or liquid drops and you can also apply it topically to your skin.


Applying Oil of Oregano to Your Skin:

  • you should do a small skin patch test first to test for possible reactions

  • oil of oregano can be applied topically to herpes lesions

  • try diluting the oil with a carrier oil (ex: tea tree oil, virgin coconut oil or vitamin E oil)

  • use once a day before increasing frequency

  • you can also try massaging diluted oil on the lower back, thighs, behind the knees


Taking Oregano Oil Internally:

  • you can take oil of oregano liquids or capsules orally

  • oils can be taken sublingually by placing 2 – 4 drops directly under tongue

  • liquid oils may leave a burning sensation on your lips and mouth

  • you can also place a few drops of oil in juices or water to drink

  • oregano oil capsules/soft gels can also be used

  • it’s suggested you follow the manufacturers’ suggested dosage instructions on the bottle labels

You may be asking if using oregano oil for herpes will really work?

At press time, there are no published medical studies, but there are Oil of Oregano Herpes & Cold Sore Reviews from people claiming it helped symptoms and breakouts.



What are Side Effects from Using Oregano Oil for Herpes?

  • you could experience a burning/hot sensation in mouth or lips when swallowing oregano oil

  • there may be a risk for possible nausea/stomach upset when ingesting the oil

  • you may experience skin irritation on your lips or mouth if you apply the oil directly on herpes lesions near mouth

  • it’s strongly recommended you avoid using Oil of Oregano if pregnant, breastfeeding or allergic to the Lamiaceae plant family (basil,mint, rosemary, sage, oregano, thyme, lavender)



How to Choose the Best Oregano Oil for Herpes

The natural supplement industry isn’t completed regulated, so you want to look for a product that’s highly-purified and free of any contaminants.

In our Buying Guide to Oil of Oregano, it’s suggested you look at 4 important factors:

1. What’s the actual amount of active ingredients (Carvacrol and Thymol)?

  • look for products with high amounts of carvacrol

  • carvacrol concentrations can range from as low as 50 to over 80%, depending on the brand

  • thymol concentrations in oregano oil are naturally lower than carvacrol

  • check ingredient labels, as not all manufacturers will provide this information

2. What’s the plant source?

  • oregano plants are native to the Mediterranean, but sub-species are also found in Asia, India and Mexico

  • the best oils are made from the Mediterranean

3. How Pure are the Oils?

  • use 100% natural, organic products to ensure the oils are extracted from plants not exposed to pesticides or chemicals

  • products manufactured by companies that follow Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP-certified) or provide a Certificiate of Analysis (COA)

  • Zane Hellas Wild Pure Greek Essential Oil of Oregano claims to contain a minimum 86% carvacrol concentration and comes with a COA

4. Capsules/Soft Gels or Liquids

  • the liquid oil can be applied topically to the skin or ingested

  • both capsules and liquids oils may come mixed with a ‘carrier oil’ such as olive oil or other plant/seed oils

  • capsules allow you to take the oil internally without tasting the oil

  • encapsulation is also available in a variety of dosage sizes

Treating herpes infections and outbreaks can be challenging. But with proper medical care and following your health care provider’s treatments, you may be able to control or reduce your symptoms.

It’s strongly recommended you do not discontinue your current medications and consult with your Physician before trying any natural health treatment plans.


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