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virgin coconut oil forumHave you used coconut oil?

This is one of the best natural oils for moisturizing and conditioning your hair and skin.

It also contains a unique fatty acid, called lauric acid, that’s been shown to have anti-microbial properties.

Here you’ll find a variety of questions and comments from other visitors to this site.

If you’ve used virgin coconut oil and want to share how it’s helped you, this is the place to offer your tips and comments.

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Coconut oil cleared staph infection
I’d been battling with staph infections for over fifteen years. Nothing seems to work for me, except embarking on grueling months of antiseptic washes….

Can Coconut oil kill non MRSA Staph in the nose?
Can topically applied extra virgin coconut oil or some other oils kill a Non-MRSA Staph colonization in the nose and prevent future colonizations when….

Experiences Using Coconut Oil for Different Skin Conditions
I have been using virgin coconut oil for about six months. I cook with it, eat it right out of the jar and slather it on my body from head to toe. Before….

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