Can Coconut Oil Kill Non-MRSA Staph In The Nose

Can topically applied extra virgin coconut oil or some other oils kill a Non-MRSA Staph colonization in the nose and prevent future colonizations when regularly applied as a preventive?


I don’t think you can use virgin coconut oil for non-MRSA Staph infections. Virgin coconut oil contains lauric acid, a fatty acid with reported antimicrobial properties. Research on lauric acid shows your body needs to convert the fatty acid into a monoglyceride called monolaurin for an antibiotic effect. I don’t think topical application of coconut oil will have the antibacterial effect you seek.

However, a study from the School of Pharmacy, Medical Biology Center in Belfast shows an ingredient in tea tree oil, called Terpinen 4 OL, is effective against MRSA.

Another study published October 2006 in the Journal of Medical Microbiology showed MRSA was eradicated after 1 hour exposure to a 5% solution of tea tree oil.

These studies were performed under laboratory conditions, it’s hard to determine if you will achieve similar results with application of tea tree oil.

Be careful when applying tea tree oil topically. There are some side effects of tea tree oil you should be aware of. However, if you choose to try tea tree oil, you should know that the oil can come in different strengths. Using the appropriate strength of oil will determine if you’ll achieve the results you seek.

Using Oil of Oregano by: Ann

I have chronic sinusitis and have had 11 sinus surgeries. When I got tired of taking antibiotics for sinus infections, I began using Oil of Oregano topically and ingesting it (one drop twice a day with water) for relief. Oil of Oregano stings the skin when applied alone, so I mix it with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and apply it to the areas of my face where I know the sinuses are twice a day. It has worked wonders. I do not use antibiotics anymore, except in the case when the sinus infection goes into my lungs, and it is resistant.

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