Uses of Oil of Oregano

Uses of Oil of Oregano

Looking for uses of Oil of Oregano?

Here's a few ways you can use Oil of Oregano for treating the flu and colds, fungal infections, reduce symptoms of some skin conditions, kill germs on contact and many more.

Some of these tips are based on traditional home remedies and others on recent medical studies. Now's your chance to learn how to benefit from Mother Nature's most powerful and versatile healing remedy.


You only need to use a couple drops of Oil of Oregano when used topically. You may experience a warm sensation when the oil is applied. Avoid getting the oil in your eyes, mucous membranes and in the genital region.

Please read my webpage Side effects from Oil of Oregano before using this oil.

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Are you looking for natural relief from allergies and hay fever? Do you hate feeling drowsy and medicated from prescription antihistamines?

One of the active ingredients in Oil of Oregano is called rosmarinic acid. Animal studies proved that rosmarinic acid is a natural antihistamine.

This substance can reduce swelling and fluid build-up during an allergic reaction. If you're seeking a natural home remedy for allergies, Oil of Oregano may be just what you're looking for.

I used to suffer from hay fever every summer until I started using Oil of Oregano. I would place a couple of drops under my tongue as soon as I started to feel the symptoms of itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. I found the Oil of Oregano reduced, and sometimes eliminated, my symptoms within an hour of taking the oil. I also didn't experience any side effects, such as drowsiness, that I would usually feel when I took traditional antihistamines.

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Some forms of acne are caused by bacteria. Research shows Oil of Oregano is a natural antibacterial and it may help reduce clogged pores and acne. Try applying a small drop of oregano oil on the acne lesion with a Q-tip, once in the morning and again before bedtime.

You can also try using tea tree oil on acne. Tea tree oil contains a substance similar to carvacrol, one of the active ingredients in oregano oil.

If you suffer from inflammatory acne, you can try reducing the inflammation with fish oils. Fish oils contain omega 3 fatty acids, special fats that fight inflammation, boost the immune system and balance hormones.

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Oregano oil has been proven to reduce inflammation joints. This is due to the presence of terpenes (a natural anti-inflammatory) found in the oil.

Apply a few drops of oil on the affected areas and gently massage it into the skin. Oil of Oregano may be able to reduce the pain and inflammation without the side effects from dangerous corticosteroids.

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Athletes foot

Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti-fungal and can kill different kinds of bacteria and fungal infections. Massaging a few drops of oil on the affected areas helps kill fungal infections. Repeated applications may be necessary throughout the day for maximum effect.

You can also try using tea tree oil on athletes foot. Tea tree oil contains a substance called terpinen 4 OL, a natural antimicrobial and fungicide.

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using oil of oregano on colds and flus

This is one of my favorite uses of Oil of Oregano. I think it helps reduce inflammation in the airways and loosens secretions. I found rapid relief by inhaling steam from a mixture of Vicks Vapor Rub and Oil of Oregano in boiled water.

I'd put a tablespoon of Vicks Vapor Rub and a few drops of oregano oil in a bowl filled with steaming hot water. Inhaling the moist vapors helped loosen my cough and cleared secretions from my lungs.

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Are you looking for a natural cure for dandruff and itchy scalp? Research shows dandruff is caused by a yeast infection in the scalp. Oil of Oregano was shown to be effective against certain types of yeast and fungal infections.

Try mixing a few drops of Oil of Oregano with your regular shampoo and work it into your scalp. Make sure you don't get any oil in your eyes to avoid stinging. Repeat throughout the week for maximum effect. You can also use use tea tree oil on dandruff.

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Germ Free Hand Wash
using oil of oregano as an antiseptic hand wash

You can stop the spread of germs with this natural antiseptic hand wash. Wash your hands with soap and water, and then rinse your hands in a bowl of water with a few drops of Oil of Oregano mixed into it. This antiseptic wash will kill off bacteria on your hands. Remember not to rub your eyes with your hands or you might get stinging from the oil.

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