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My Review of Spring Valley Fish Oil Supplements

Spring Valley Fish Oil is one of the more popular fish oil supplements found in many big box retailers and drug store brands. If you’re looking for a omega 3 supplement to meet your daily needs, this may be the product for you.

Spring Valley products claim to contain a proprietary omega 3 fatty acid called MEG-3. These omega 3 concentrates are made by Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC).

Ocean Nutrition Canada is apparently one of the largest fish oil manufacturers who’s licensed to produce and supply high concentration fish oils to many nutritional supplement companies around the world.


How Pure are Spring Valley Fish Oils?

My research found that MEG-3 fish oils were introduced to the nutritional supplement market in 2004. Ocean Nutrition Canada claims their product is one of the purest and safest omega 3 fish oils available.

The oils are apparently tested to conform to a number of purity and quality standards, including standards set forth by Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate cGMP requirements, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) and the European Commission.

Their website also states their Quality Control program complies with the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s (CRN) Omega-3 Monograph, HACCP, and cGMP, including cGMP compliance for pharmaceuticals in Canada.

The quality and purity is apparently pretty good because select MEG-3 fish oils are recognized by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). I believe these are are pretty good credentials as the USP sets standards for all prescription drugs, nutritional supplements and other healthcare products made and sold in the United States.

Dosages and Cost of Spring Valley Oils

You can get this supplement in 1000 mg. enteric-coated capsules and it also comes packaged in a number of different sizes; ranging from 60 to 250 soft gels per bottle.

I’ve compared a number of online retailers for price comparisons and found that average prices are about $5 – $10 for the 60 count bottle and a little over $20 for the 250 count bottle.

The ingredient labels claim that each 1000 mg. soft gel provides 180 mg. of EPA and 120 mg. of DHA. So this dosage provides about 300 mg. of omega 3 fatty acids (30% concentration) which is a standard concentration found in many fish oil soft gels.

Unlike the traditional yellow-clear color associated with many soft gels, Spring Valley capsules are enteric-coated with a white waxy layer. Enteric coated fish oil are reported to help improve digestion of the fatty acids and prevents fishy aftertaste by enhancing digestion in the small intestine.


Consumers Reviews of Spring Valley Fish Oils?

Customer reviews at shows about 50% of customer were happy with them. Some customers complained of broken capsules, the overly-large sized pills and apparently some misleading labels.

There were other complaints from customers who weren’t happy with the label claims of 1000 mg. of omega 3 fatty acids – this is actually the size of the soft gel, not the amount of EPA and DHA you get per soft gel.

Taken as a general fish oil supplement, I don’t think you can go wrong with Spring Valley fish oils. You get a highly purified, enteric-coated fish oil supplement at an affordable price.

However, I don’t think this brand isn’t suitable if you want a higher concentration of EPA and DHA. I’d suggest using Dr. Sears Fish Oils if you want the highest concentration of EPA and DHA from your fish oil.


More Spring Valley Fish Oil Reviews

Here are more reviews that some visitors to my site have sent to me.

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