Health Benefits of
Pumpkin Seed Oil

What are the health benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil and why is it good for you?

styrian pumpkin

Styrian Pumpkin

The use of this seed oil originated in Styria, Austria hundreds of years ago. The oil is extracted from the seeds of Styrian pumpkins.

Styrian pumpkins are common in Styria. They're a dark greenish color with yellow streaks on them. Originally from Austria they're now grown in other countries, such as Canada and even China.

Unlike your typical Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins, the seeds from Styrian pumpkins are shell-less. These seeds are dried and pressed to extract the healthy oil.

What's in this Healthy Seed Oil?

The dark, green oil from these seeds has a light, nutty aroma and it's bursting with a lot of good-for-you nutrients:

  • An excellent source of high quality plant protein.

  • flora pumpkin seed oil
  • High in linoleic acid and linolenic acids which are essential fatty acids.

  • Rich source of Vitamins A (beta carotene), B1, B2, C, D, E and K.

  • A natural source of zinc, which explains its benefits for prostate health.

  • Contains iron, potassium, chlorine, and magnesium.

  • Antioxidants

  • Source of plant-based sterols.

What are the Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil?

This seed oil offers many benefits to help enhance your health.

  • This oil is excellent for skin health due to the high amount of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and beta carotene. This oil was historically used in lotions, soaps and massage oils because of its natural skin-pleasing ingredients.

  • The plant sterols help boosts your immune system, fights inflammation, balances hormones and help lower cholesterol levels.

  • Provides essential fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids) which enhances hormone production which affects heart rate, blood pressure and other important bodily functions.

  • Contains a natural source of zinc. All you guys out there will appreciate that zinc is very important for male sexual health. In fact, recent studies indicate pumpkin seed oil may help you avoid prostate problems.

  • Everyone knows how important antioxidants are for fighting off free radicals and preventing cell damage; this oil is an excellent plant source of antioxidants.

Traditionally, this oil was used for baking and cooking; in fact, you'll find it makes an excellent healthy oil salad dressing.

Along with these suggested uses, try adding a couple tablespoons of the oil to your favorite protein/health shakes. It adds a nice nutty flavor and you'll get the health benefits of these nutritious ingredients mixed right in.

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