How to use Olive Oil for
Hair Conditioner

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Olive oil is a
natural hair conditioner

If you suffer from dry, brittle hair, you can try using olive oil as a hair conditioner.

Mediterranean women have been using olive oil as a hair treatment for hundreds of years. This healthy oil is packed with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids.

These natural oils can nourish the hair shaft and scalp and may give you softer, smoother, healthier-looking hair.

Keep reading to learn how you can use this healthy oil to nourish and moisturize your hair.

How to Use Olive Oil as a Hair Conditioner

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To use olive oil as a hair treatment, you can simply add the oil to your hair after shampooing and rinse out. Or you can the following intensive hair conditioning method - it's similar to using coconut oil for hair.

This olive oil hair treatment will take about an hour and I think you'll be happy with the results.

You'll need the following items:

1. One bottle of virgin olive oil

2. Plastic shower cap

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Shampoo your hair, rinse and let dry until slightly damp.

Step 2: Pour some virgin olive oil onto your palm, rub your hands together coating your entire palms and fingers with olive oil.

Step 3: Spread the oil through your hair. If you have long hair, grab a small section of hair and place your oiled palms together in a 'prayer' fashion and slide the section of hair between your palms. This will coat the hair shafts with oil. Repeat until all your hair is coated in oil.

Step 4: Cover your head with the shower cap and let sit for about an hour. Remove cap and rinse out the oil.

Step 5: You may have to shampoo your hair to remove any excess oil from your hair. I think it will depend on the condition of your hair. My hair tends to look a little greasy and oily after the oil treatment and I'll shampoo to help remove the excess oil.

Step-by-Step Photo Guide to Using Olive Oil for Hair Conditioner
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Olive Oil Hair Treatment-2 Olive Oil Hair Treatment-3 Olive Oil Hair Treatment-4 Olive Oil Hair Treatment-5 Olive Oil Hair Treatment-6
Use a virgin olive oil for your deep oil hair moisturizing treatment. After washing your hair, let dry until it's slightly damp. Place oil between your palms and rub together to coat your palms with oil. Massage the oil through your hair, coating the hair shafts with oil, from root to tip. Place a shower cap on your head for about one hour, then remove and rinse out.

How Often Should You use Olive Oil as a Hair Conditioner?

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Everyone's hair is different and I think only you will know when you should do another olive oil hair treatment.

I can usually go for at least a week before my hair starts to look dried out and I'll do another deep conditioning with olive oil or coconut oil.

If you use a lot of hair products (I love using hair wax for that spiky punk look) you may tend to get a lot of build up in the hair that requires frequent washings and conditionings.

If you have fine limp hair or coarse dry hair, you may want to experiment with using olive oil or coconut oil for hair to see which healthy oil will give you the best results.

I think the key to success is learning how much oil your own hair needs to become more moisturized.

People with limp fine hair may find their hair becomes really greasy and may not need that much oil or need to leave it in for long periods. People with dry coarse hair (like myself) may need to keep the oil in longer for a deeper, intensive moisturizing treatment.

Using olive oil as a hair conditioner is one way to naturally moisturize and condition your hair. This can be a healthy alternative to putting man-made chemicals and products in your hair and scalp.

Real-Life Testimonials from Using Olive Oil as a Hair Treatment

"I used 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil warmed on dry hair, leave on covered with a shower cap for 30 minutes then shampoo twice and that is it. You will not need to condition it any more for a month within that month and the more you wash it the better it looks. My husband says he has never seen it look so good." - Sandra, United Kingdom

"I recently put my hair through the stress of bleach 2 times in 2 days. My hair was crunchy dry. I rubbed some extra virgin olive oil, a decent amount, through my hair, put it in a bun and slept with it that way. I washed it in the morning with shampoo and conditioner, rinsed it in cold water after and the condition of my hair was back to if not better then before I bleached it. Awesome treatment!" - Maxine, Canada

How to Choose the Best Olive Oil for Your Hair

I think the best types of oils to use are virgin oils. You press the olives to extract the oil so there is no exposure to chemicals or heat. Therefore, your hair is treated to all of the natural wholesome ingredients nature intended.

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Share your Olive Oil for Hair Experience

Mediterranean women have traditionally used olive oil on their hair for decades. Have you used olive oil for hair moisturizing and deep conditioning? What brand of olive oil did you use and what were your results? Please share your experience with us. Tell your story in the form below and I'll be happy to publish it!

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