What is Oil of Oregano and its Health Benefits?

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Did you know that oregano oil contains powerful ingredients that can kill bacteria, fungus and virus?

And if that weren't enough, this natural plant oil may also boost your immune system, fight free radical damage and work as a general health tonic.

But you may have questions about what exactly this oil is made up of, is it safe to use and how to use if for maximum effectiveness.

Oregano oil may offer the following benefits:

  • May help your body fight off the flu and colds

  • May reduce pain and inflammation

  • Can kill certain germs and viruses on contact

  • May help repel fungi, parasites and yeast infections

  • May provides immediate relief from certain allergies and insect bites

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Oil of Oregano Health Benefits

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Ingredients in Oregano Oil - So why would you want to take oregano oil? Research has shown that oregano oil contains carvacrol and thymol; ingredients that are effective against E. coli, Listeria, Salmonella and specific strains of fungi.

Oregano oil also contains a substance called rosmarinic acid; an anti-oxidant and antihistamine which may help reduce allergic reactions and fight free radical formation in your body. Learn how these ingredients make oregano oil "Nature's Most Powerful Germ Killer!"

Oregano Oil and Toenail Fungus - Prescription antifungals are very expensive and can have serious side effects. Find out why oregano oil may be a safer and more effective home remedy for toenail fungus.

Use of Oregano Oil - Ancient folklore says this oil was used for many home remedies; The Greeks reportedly used oregano oil as a general antiseptic and for treating stomach and respiratory ailments, as well as a general tonic for maintaining good health.

Now you can learn how you may use it for acne, dandruff, mosquito bites, relief from chest colds and more.

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Dosages and Side Effects of Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil Dosages - Ready to use oregano oil for enhancing your health? One of the keys to getting the most benefits is from using the correct oregano oil dosage for certain health conditions.

Here you'll find specific information regarding recommended dosages amounts, how to take capsules and liquid oregano oil, suggested oregano oil dosages for children, applying oregano oil topically and much more.

Oregano Oil and Children - Important information if you wish to use oregano oil on children, including safety concerns, allergies, recommended dosages and more.

Avoiding Side Effects - Is oregano oil safe to use on children? Can you use it if you're pregnant or breastfeeding? Did you know that some people may experience increased blood pressure if they take too much oregano oil?

While this is a natural product there is always the possibility of experiencing side effects. Before you use oregano oil you need to read this information so you can get optimal results from this healthy oil.

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The Oregano Oil Shopper

How to Choose the Best Oregano Oil - Oregano oil contains a number of potent ingredients shown to provide a number of benefits; specifically carvacrol and thymol. Like many natural supplements, you can get this product in different strengths and mixtures, as well different dosage amounts in soft gels and capsule formulations.

This information will teach you how to shop for oregano oil supplements by looking at the carvacrol concentration, how to check for the purity of the oil, the dosage amounts per capsule and more.

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