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My Review of Nordic Naturals Fish Oil

Is Nordic Naturals fish oil the best omega 3 fish oil supplement?

Walk into a dozen different health food stores and you’ll probably find Nordic Naturals on the shelves. But flash back 20 years ago and this was not the case.

This popular name brand was founded by a Norwegian named Joar Opheim. Upon arriving in America over 20 years ago, he discovered Americans hardly used fish oils for their health benefits; unlike his fellow Norwegians back in Norway.

Today, Nordic Naturals has one of the largest lines of Nordic fish oil products. And this includes a line of fruit-flavored liquids and capsules as well as fish oils for dogs and cats.

While this brand name may be popular with health food retailers, you may be wondering if this product is really as good as it appears. Let’s a closer look at this well-known fish oil supplement and get the real story….

The Real Story Behind Nordic Naturals Fish Oil

Back in the 1980’s, there were hardly any authentic Nordic fish oils that were highly-purified and tasted great.

Joar Opheim, made it his mission to make a high quality fish oil. He used a special processing method called molecular distillation that almost guarantees to remove lead, mercury, PCB’s and dioxins.

Nordic Naturals fish oils now claim to have the lowest dioxin levels (less than 0.4 per trillion), which is reported to be the lowest in the world.


Following the Footsteps of making a Classic Nordic Fish Oil

All of the Nordic Naturals fish oils are made in Norway. They claim that all of their fish oils are made from smaller fish, such as sardines, arctic cod and anchovies.

nordic naturals fish oilSo why would you want to use a smaller fish to make your oil? The main reason is that smaller fish generally have higher amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and lower amounts of mercury and impurities that’s usually seen in larger sized fish.

Nordic Naturals also claims to use low heat during the distillation process so they can minimize any potential heat damage to the oil. They also claim to add a special enzyme to the fish oil which is supposed to give you a ‘burp-free’ product.

Their fish oils are also tested by a third-party lab to ensure the purity and freshness. The company also believes their fish oils exceed quality levels set forth by the Norwegian Medicinal and European Pharmacopoeia Standards (EPS).

So if you’re looking for the archetype of Norwegian fish oils, these may be it.


Nordic Naturals is an Award Winning Fish Oil

It appears that Nordic Naturals must know what they’re doing because they’ve won a few awards for their high quality Nordic fish oil.

For example, they won a consumer’s choice award from for having the highest ratings in consumer overall satisfaction, product quality and product effectiveness.

Their pediatric omega 3 formulas,  Omega 3-6-9 Junior Formula and Children’s DHA Liquid Formula were presented with Most Valuable Product Award from Therapy Times, a web community for therapeutic professionals within the health care industry.  And both formulas were reported to have positive effects on speech and language in some children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

What I like about Nordic Naturals is they appear to be a research-driven company. Information on their company website claims that they use the latest research to fine-tune and optimize how they process their Nordic fish oil.

Want even more reasons to choose this particular brand of fish oil? Nordic Naturals claims their products are currently used in 14 clinical studies at various research facilities and universities around the world, including Harvard University, National Institute of Health and Columbia University.


Product Comparisons with Dr. Sears Fish Oils

So while all of the positive accolades and research studies are nice, I set out to compare Nordic Naturals fish oil with one of the leading omega 3 fatty acid concentrates available.

Dr. Sears Fish Oils is a popular omega 3 supplement that provides extremely high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids in a highly-purified state. This particular brand actually has top ratings from the International Fish Oil Standards, a third-party testing facility for fish oils all over the world.

Here’s a comparison of high-concentration fish oils from Nordic Naturals and Dr. Sears:


EPA and DHA Dosage and Cost
  Nordic Naturals
Ultimate Omega
Dr. Sears Zone Lab
Eico Pro
EPA 813 mg 900 mg
DHA 563 mg 450 mg
Cost for 8 oz Bottle $69.95 $79.95


While I found a slight difference in the omega 3 concentrations, I noticed that you save in the price point for Nordic Naturals.

Overall, Nordic Naturals fish oil are fairly priced and comparable to other fish oil producers, such as Carlson Fish Oils.

A 16 oz. bottle of Carlson Labs Fish Oil is listed at $48.50 and Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Liquid fish oil list price is $44.95. And both products seemed to have about the same amount of EPA and DHA per serving.

I think that your choice will come down to how your fish oil was made and what you’re using it for. The big selling point of Nordic Naturals fish oil is the huge selection of products you can choose from.

You can get regular omega 3 fish oils, high-concentration formulas, omega 3, 6, and 9 combinations, arctic cod liver oil, products for children and even fish oils for cats and dogs.

You can also choose from soft gel, liquid and a variety of different flavors.

Here’s a more extensive list of Nordic fish oil supplements available from Nordic Naturals:


If you’re someone that needs a higher concentration of fish oil, try using Ultimate Omega Liquid. This ultra-high potency fish oil will give you 70% pure omega 3 concentrates of 813 mg. EPA and 563 mg. DHA per 1/2 teaspoon. This is more than double the omega 3 concentration found in regular concentration fish oils.


Where to Buy Nordic Natural Fish Oils

I don’t think you can go wrong with choosing Nordic Naturals fish oil. You’re getting a highly purified, pharmaceutical-grade fish oil backed by stringent processing techniques and third-party testing.

The wide variety of Nordic fish oil supplements to choose from also makes it easy for you to find the right product specially suited for your needs.

You can find Nordic Naturals fish oil at your local health food store and you can even order from the company website. The Nordic Naturals website is a great place to learn more about their products, but you may find even better prices at a number of internet health supplement stores such as


Search for more Nordic Naturals Fish Oils at

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