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Is Tea Tree Oil Safe Around Cats?

by Meagan

I was wondering if tea tree oil is safe around cats? I spilt a bottle of tea tree oil on my kitchen floor and cleaned up as much as I could. I’m worried my cat may lick the floor and ingest some left over oil. Is tea tree oil poisonous to pets?


Reply: Tea tree oil considered poisonous to pets by: Kevin

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) website states that tea tree oil can have toxic potential, depending on the circumstances of exposure. Some symptoms may include muscle weakness, loss of coordination, and even possible liver damage.

Try using a good soap cleanser on your floor to help break up the oil, so it’s easier to remove. Hope this information helps you


Reply: Aug 06, 2014 Tea tree oil on my cat by: tammy

I have used tea tree oil for years, on many different things, so I never really considered it dangerous. As it were, an old cat from up our street had decided to take up residence at our house to get away from the owners dogs. So, we let her stay, made places for her to sleep (outside, because I have 2 inside cats), etc. etc. So one day I’m looking at her and she seems to have a cold in her eye. Well, I didn’t really have the extra funds to take her to the vet at that time, so, I mixed a few drops of tea tree oil in some warm water, soaked a cotton ball in it and wiped her eye. I did it a few times, she didn’t fight me, and within a day or 2 it was gone. That’s the only time I’ve used it on a cat, but it was diluted. Now I’m not saying to use it on your cat, but quite frankly I can’t imagine why humans can use it (even full strength), but cats cannot. Anyway, that’s how it happened for me, I would do it again if needed on my cats. You decide for yourself.


Reply: Oct 17, 2014 Tea Tree Oil Toxic to My Cat by: Stephanie

Hi, I have a Persian cat and she has a history of a little bit of dry skin during summer/fall change. I had purchased a bottle of “Miracle Oil” which is great for all skin issues, and I mean Great! It’s a vegan product and 100% natural. I Googled each ingredient, with tea tree oil being one and I read that it’s helpful for animals with skin problems!!! Idk if it’s how I worded my question but that’s what I found.

So I applied it on a few areas and soon after she was a totally different cat, one that I’d never seen. She was stumbling and wouldn’t come near any of us which is SO out of character for her, normally she won’t leave our side. She was vomiting and the list goes on. I was sick to my stomach and so worried, especially after I searched the net again for answers about the ingredients and all seemed safe but Tea Tree Oil!! I cleaned every bit of it off her, and that’s all that could be done and I stayed up all night with her until finally it was all out of her system. Thank god, and I pray there’s no long term effects.


Reply: Aug 16, 2015 Don’t use tea tree oil on your cat – use lemon water…. by: Anonymous

Hi, my cat recently got fleas. I was unsure what to do so I went to the chemist. They sold me this spray that was supposed to get rid of them. It didn’t work I also used Spot on; I tried giving her a shower and I’ve combed her hair but nothing is working.

I’ve been told to make lemon water as it kills the little blood suckers; but don’t use lemon essential oil. The poor little things are very sensitive to essential oils.

If any one could advise me I’d really appreciate it. Also, I tried tea tree oil as I swear by the stuff but she freaked out it was too over-powering. I hope my experience can help some one else in the same situation. Thank you for reading my story. Good luck to all of us in this situation. Take care….


Reply: Nov 14, 2015 Don’t Use Tea Tree Oil on our Four Footed Friends by: Anonymous

Tea tree oil is not safe for our kitty friends, I almost killed our cats after reading that it was on a few sites, after very careful nursing they where alright, but I am still worried about the lasting effects on them. After even more research I have found that it is also unsafe for dogs.

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