Using Fish Oil for Hair Loss

Can you use fish oil for hair loss?

If you're looking for a natural way to reduce hair loss and improve hair growth, you may be surprised by what other people have found about using fish oils to improve hair growth.

Hair loss can be a problem for many people. We live in an image conscious society and for some the experience of having thinning, balding hair can be troublesome.

While hair loss may be a fact of growing older, I'm sure many of us would love to have a thick head of hair for our entire lives. Some people may experience hair loss before it's time and there may be a number of reasons for this.

Researchers believe hair loss is caused by:

  • hormones
  • medicines
  • infections
  • disease
  • diet
male pattern baldness

Male Pattern Hairloss

One of the most common hair loss conditions is called androgenic alopecia.

In men, this condition is typically called male pattern baldness. It begins with hair loss above the temples and may slowly lead to partial or complete baldness. In women, there's a more generalized thinning of the hair all over the scalp with minimal change in the hairline.

Researchers believe androgenic alopecia is caused by hormones, particularly an androgen called dihydrotestosterone.

It's also believed there may be a genetic component to androgenic alopecia; however it's unclear exactly how this mechanism occurs. Another possible factor involved in androgenic alopecia is inflammation of the hair follicle.

Research on Fish Oil and Hair Loss

man checking hair line

Can fish oils prevent
hair loss?

Research shows the omega 3 fatty acids in fish oils provide an anti- inflammatory effect in the body. If this is the case, can you cure hair loss or baldness with fish oils if the cause is due to an inflammation of the hair shaft or scalp?

Currently, there are no published medical studies on the use of fish oil and hair loss.

I did searches for "fish oil" at hair loss forums such as Hair Loss Help Forum and but couldn't find many testimonials from people that have tried using fish oil to treat hair loss.

However, I did get an email from a visitor to this web site who experienced great results from using fish oil for her hair loss problem. Danielle experienced significant hair loss after going being on birth control pills.

She had thinning patches of hair and continued to experience hair loss after discontinuing the birth control medications. Danielle began taking fish oil pills and reported her hair was starting to grow back after nearly 20 years of hair loss. You can read more about Danielle's experience with fish oil and hair loss right here.

While it's proven your skin benefits from fish oil, its use in treating male pattern baldness or hair loss is not medically proven. This doesn't mean that fish oil won't work for hair loss. I think there are many factors involved in each individual case and depending on your situation, you may or may not experience good results from using fish oils.

I should also mention that fish oil won't cause hair loss or balding; fish oil's anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids can only benefit your existing hair and scalp health.

Alternative Treatments for Hair Loss

Biotin Supplements

Can you use biotin for hair loss? Biotin is part of the Vitamin B complex and is also known as 'Vitamin H'. Biotin is an essential ingredient needed for the formation of fatty acids and blood glucose. This important nutrient also helps your body break down protein, fats and carbs.

Some people have reported using biotin to help them grow stronger and healthier nails and hair. While there's few studies on using biotin exclusively for hair growth, a study in the 2007 May/June issue of Pediatric Dermatology Journal showed 5 mg/day of biotin helped improve hair appearance, but did not affect hair structure.

I've used a Biotin supplement and found it helped me grow thicker and stronger hair. I'm not sure if this will help re-grow hair for people that have already lost their hair, but for maintaining and improving hair, I think biotin is a simple and effective solution.


One of the most popular products for treating hair loss is minoxidil; it's a vasodilator medication that's marketed to stop or reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

rogaine minoxidil

Rogaine™ (minoxidil)

This drug was originally sold as Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, but the patent has expired. You can now get cheaper generic brands, such as Costco's Minoxidil - 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth for Men.

One of the most common side effects of minoxidil is a dry itchy scalp. Some preparations of minoxidil contain alcohol, which may dry the scalp and lead to dandruff.

The pill form of minoxidil may cause facial swelling, irregular heartbeats, and light-headedness. The manufacturer of minoxidil states that some users may experience minoxidil-induced hair loss, also called 'shedding'. They make no guarantee that new hair growth will replace this loss of hair.

Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are probably one of the few proven methods to replace hair loss, but it can be quite expensive. Some treatments may cost upwards of $2500 for 500 individual hair grafts.

Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is the latest non-invasive treatment for stimulating regrowth in hair.

The scalp is exposed to lasers of a specific wavelength that encouragese production of cellular adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and enhances blood circulation. It's believed these actions create an environment conducive to healthy hair growth.

The treatment is completely painless and it's reported some individuals experience remarkable success with this method. One of the downsides is the high cost to purchase use-at-home laser therapy system.

You can find a number of Laser Therapy for Hair Loss products at and compare products and prices.

There are other treatments that may help delay hair loss and some are advertised to help regrow thinning hair.

Specialized Shampoos for Hair Loss

Nisim Hair Loss Shampoo is a specialized natural, herbal-based product whose manufacturer guarantees it can control excessive hair loss.

A clinical study published in The Medical Post (Vol. 29, Page 61 - August 24, 1993) showed 85.7% of men using Nisim BioFactor Shampoo for 5 months experienced a 30% increase in hair growth.

Nisim Shampoo and Conditioner

Nisim Shampoo & Conditioner

I recently noticed that I'm starting to lose hair. When I woke up in the morning I'd find about a dozen hairs laying on my pillow - and whenever I wash my hair I'd see more loose hairs falling down the sink.

I decided to buy a liter bottle of Nisim Hair Loss Shampoo for Dry and Normal Hair to try it out. Nisim offers a 100% money-back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose by trying it.

The Dry Hair Formula comes in dark navy bottles as you can see on the left. You can also get a formula for Normal to Oily hair that comes in a gold colored bottle.

Nisim International claims their specially-formulated shampoo reduces a hormone found in your scalp that increases your risk for hair loss.

I was skeptical at first, but must admit I was pleasantly surprised at the positive results I achieved using Nisim shampoos. I found the shampoo has a really nice scent to it and it appears to clean my hair and scalp quite well without drying it out.

shampooing hair in shower

Photo Credit Bryan Smith

After just one week of regular use, I'm no longer finding loose hairs on my pillow and I don't lose hair when I shampoo. I also use to suffer from a dry itchy scalp and found the Nisim products seemed to lessen it; my hair appearts to feel thicker and healthier.

I'm not sure if this was just due to a change in shampoos, but I'm going to continue using it and monitor my results.

Act Now to Prevent Hair Loss

Finding the right solution to your hair loss may help improve the health and appearance of your hair.

Optimizing your diet and living a healthy lifestyle may help delay (and even reverse) hair loss. But as noted above, there can be a number of other factors responsible.

Act now to prevent further hair loss to improve and enhance your hair health.

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