Coconut Oil Shampoo for Healthier Hair

Coconut oil shampoo can give you thicker, stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Women of tropical countries have used coconut oil for hair moisturizing and conditioning for hundreds of years. In fact, research has shown that coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, reduces protein loss and prevents hair damage and dryness.

So how do you use coconut oil for your hair?

Well, you could apply pure coconut oil directly to your hair for an intensive deep conditioning and moisturizing treatment. I can tell you that people who try this treatment are amazed at the results! Users have found their hair became thicker, stronger, softer and more healthier-looking.

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Coconut oil can
improve your hair

Follow these step-by-step instructions if you want to use 100% virgin coconut oil on your hair and read actual testimonials from people who've used 100% pure virgin coconut oil on their hair.

If you want an all-in-one product, you can use a shampoo with coconut oil added in for daily moisturizing and cleansing treatments.

These products contain the coconut oil in the shampoo and it's convenient to have a natural oil moisturizer built right into your shampoo. These are similar to using combination shampoo/conditioner products on your hair.

The problem with commercial hair products

The only possible drawback with these types of combination hair products is you may not know how much actual coconut oil you're getting in the bottle.

Did you know that ingredient labels list the most common item first? So if you look at your coconut oil shampoo label and see coconut oil listed near the end of the list, then you most likely aren't getting very much coconut oil in your product.

Remember that a lot of companies who claim to offer 'herbal' shampoos may have practically no detectable level of real herbs in them. You'll also find a lot of shampoos that contain coconut milk - I don't believe this will give you the results you'll get from using 100% pure coconut oil.

Try a real organic shampoo for best results

coconut oil shampoo

Coconut oil can give you thicker,
healthier-looking hair

I've looked for other shampoos with coconut oil and found only a few products that use 100% pure virgin coconut oil in their shampoo.

One product I like is Tropical Traditions Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Shampoo Bar.

This is a natural shampoo soap that uses 100% organic Virgin Coconut Oil as the base. You'll find there are very few shampoo soaps made from 100% virgin coconut oil. Most soaps on the market today are made from highly refined coconut oil that may contain chemical solvents used in the refining process. Would you want to put these solvents in your hair?

Tropical Traditions uses only fresh organic coconuts in all their products. They claim independent laboratory tests show their coconut oil has a higher level of antioxidants than other coconut oils. These shampoo bars are hand-made in the Philippines and contain 100% organic Virgin Coconut Oil and natural patchouli.

Using a coconut oil shampoo can help you achieve thicker, healthier-looking hair without the use of preservatives, solvents and other man-made chemicals.

Remember to look at the ingredient labels to see what you're putting on your hair. There are a lot of different products out there and your results may depend on your individual hair type and body chemistry.

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