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Meet Your Web Host

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Hi, My name is Kevin (learn more about me here) and welcome to this site.

As Editor and Reporter for, I've researched the health benefits of natural oils and tried to present you the most accurate and current information for enhancing your health with these products.

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Coconut Oil is Best Treatment for Herpes (Cold Sores)

by Liz (Rhode Island)

I have been using virgin coconut oil for 5 years now to treat my herpes (cold sores) outbreaks. If I eat it regularly (at least 1 tablespoon per day), I do not get cold sores anymore (at all). If I stop taking it for several weeks, I get an occasional cold sore, which goes away in 2-3 days max because I re-start taking the coconut oil immediately, as well as applying it on my cold sore. I do not know what research that doctor did, but this oil (I used Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil) really cures my herpes.

I used to get several cold sores a year, sometimes one every other month, but now I only had maybe 2 – 3 during the last 5 years because of taking coconut oil. I would not have had any, if I did not stop taking it from time to time. The only issue is that I have to take it regularly every day, and sometimes I have a hard time eating it especially in solid form. I basically take the whole tablespoon by mouth (just like a supplement)because I do not really like it in cooking, with few exceptions (I love it on baked sweet potatoes, but not in other foods). I urge anyone getting cold sores to try it.



Cold Sore gone in 1 day! by: Marjorie

I just started investigating coconut oil after I read a recommendation for it on a raw food blog. I started feeling a cold sore come on and put it on topically and added 2 tbs to my smoothie that day. I kid you not, the cold sore is gone! I have had cold sores for my entire adult life and in the last year would get them at least once a month! I am hopeful that continuing to take coconut oil will be a natural remedy to go along with all the other benefits! Honestly, it’s gone and it’s been 24 hours! I applied the oil topically a few times yesterday afternoon, once before bed and again this morning. Good luck to everyone else, I think this is the answer!



Cold sores and Coconut Oil by: rthomas

I just wanted to let you know that after reading this and talking to my Nutritionist I went out and purchased some virgin coconut oil. I have had the worst outbreak ever this year since middle-March – my lips look I had silicone injections done with a a chemical peel; very tender. The coconut oil is the first thing I’ve used that doesn’t burn them. My Nutritionist recommends adding a little peppermint oil to it topically. It may burn a little but no where near as much as that alcohol crap they have out that is for cold sores; also, tea tree oil helps topically!

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