How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Moisturizing and Conditioning

Want thick, shiny, healthy hair - in less than 60 minutes?

Using coconut oil for hair conditioning can help stop split ends and thinning hair. Studies show this natural plant extract can strengthen and fortify the hair shaft which may help it look thicker, feel softer and appear more healthier-looking.

In less than one hour, you can treat yourself to intense moisturizing and conditioning for improved scalp health. Once you've experienced running your fingers through a head of thick and healthy hair, you'll never go back to off-the-shelf conditioners again.

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Why Coconut Oils are Important for Hair & Scalp Health

using coconut oil for hair moisturizing

Healthy oils can give
you beautiful hair

Excessive use of shampoos can strip out natural body oils which may affect scalp health and hair growth.

Unfortunately, some conditioners don't really replace your natural scalp oils; they simply coat the hair shaft making it look thicker and feel softer.

Having dry damaged hair may increase the risk for breakage and can lead to thin hairs with split ends. Replenishing these important scalp oils can help strengthen the shaft and reduce split ends.

Polynesian women have been using plant extracts to moisturize and condition for hundreds of years. Coconut oils are a natural source of healthy fatty acids, lauric and capric acids. These fatty acids have been shown to possess anti-microbial properties which may help reduce dandruff and improve scalp health.

Studies show coconut oils penetrate the hair shaft and reduce protein loss. This may help reduce dry itchy scalp, lessen dandruff and improve moisture levels.

Follow these Step-by-Step Instructions:

Before beginning this treatment, you'll need a couple of items to prepare. You'll also need about one hour to do this deep conditioning treatment.

It's important to allow for sufficient time for maximum results; the longer you allow the oils to soak into the hair and scalp, the better the results you'll achieve.

You'll need the following items:

- One jar of virgin coconut oil

- Plastic shower cap


  • Shampoo, rinse and then and let dry until slightly damp.

  • Apply a quarter-sized amount of the product to your palms and rub hands together to coat your fingers and palms.

  • Run your fingers through your hair. Concentrate on coating the entire hair shafts from root to tip with the oil.

  • Take the plastic shower cap and cover your head. This keeps your hairs in place and helps retain heat to increase absorption.

  • Leave on the shower cap on for about one hour, then remove and rinse the oils from your head.

Step-by-Step Photo Guide
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Coconut Oil for Hair-2 Coconut Oil for Hair-3 Coconut Oil for Hair-4 Coconut Oil for Hair-5 Coconut Oil for Hair-6
Use an organic product for your treatment. After washing your hair, let dry until it's slightly damp. Place oils between your palms and rub together to liquefy it. Massage your hands your hair, coating the hair shafts from root to tip. Place a shower cap on your head for about one hour, then remove and rinse out.

How Often Should You Do this Conditioning Treatment?

shampooing for clean hair

Some shampoos may
strip oils from hair

Depending on the general condition of your hair, you may require more or less treatments between shampoos.

Most people will do an initial treatment to gauge how much product to use and its effectiveness. They will then monitor their hair and scalp condition for the next few days before determining when to do another treatment.

People that use colorings or dyes, have perms or use heating tools such as blow dryers and flat irons may need to repeat the process more often to condition heavily-treated hair.

Testimonials from people indicate they experience positive results within 24 hours and they retained moisture levels for at least 2 - 3 days before another treatment was needed.

What are the Best Coconut Oils for Conditioning and Deep Moisturizing?

Garden of Life Virgin Coconut Oil

Use organic coconut oils
for best results

One of my favorite brands is Garden of Life 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. They produce an organic product that retains that fresh natural scent of coconuts. Other high quality oils are produced by Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Spectrum Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil For Body & Hair.

For more detailed information, visit my web page How to Choose the Best Coconut Oils. You'll learn specific steps to choosing the best product for you and your family.

You can also get coconut oil shampoos. These products have the shampoo and plant oils combined in one bottle for added convenience. The only disadvantage with these types of products is you will not know how much coconut oils are actually added into the product.

Share your Coconut Oil for Hair Results

Coconut oil is one of the best natural hair conditioners and moisturizers for your hair. If you've used coconut oil on your hair, please share your experience. Tell your story in the form below and I'll be happy to publish it.

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